Traveling by plane is a challenge for those who have not yet done so. If this is your case, this article is for you.

Getting on a commercial flight, knowing what to do at the airport and above all, not losing your temper is essential for an uncomplicated and safe trip.

That’s why we have for you the 40 most reliable air travel tips and recommendations for traveling on a plane for the first time.

Your first plane trip will surely be a challenge because it is something you have not done yet. Many do not know what to do at the airport, which boarding gate to go to, or where to sit.

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1. Arrive at the airport in advance

The first thing you will do is arrive at least 1 or 2 hours before the flight, if your flight is national or international, respectively.

The queues will surely be long, so much that they could make you miss the flight. That’s why it’s important to get to the airport very early.

2. Do not lose sight of your luggage

Do not lose sight of your luggage or leave it to strangers. Do not take or take care of other people’s suitcases. In the worst case, they can accuse you of theft, drug trafficking or other illegal material.

3. Check-in

The check-in is an important and indispensable stage of the flight, in which the passenger confirms to the airline its presence in it. This guarantees your boarding pass and occasionally allows you to choose a seat between window and aisle.

The check-in can be done up to 48 hours before the departure of the flight, and there are several ways to do it:

• Traditional way: Arrive at the airport 2 hours before the flight and go to the ticket office of your airline, where they will confirm your information, identity documents and you will register and deliver the luggage. Once the process is completed, the airline will give you your pass to board.

• Check online through the airline’s website: This way, you will save time and not go through the long lines of the airport. You will also have the option to choose the seats. We have personally tried online check-in using United Airlines flight confirmation number.

4. Go to security control. Be careful here!

When you have your boarding pass, the next thing will be to go through the security controls where they will check your luggage and you as well. So, you should not carry flammable or sharp objects. After passing this check, you will enter the departure lounge.

The right thing at this point is that while you’re in line, you take off your belt, chains, watches and any other metal garment. We recommend that you bring a coat with pockets and put everything in it that you are removing. So, when you go through the scanner, you take off your coat, and that’s it.

With this method, you will gain time and decrease the risk of losing personal items and in the worst case, your passport.

5. Enter the boarding area and complete all the procedures with migration

Once you enter the boarding area, you will not be able to go back outside. If you need to wait for someone, it is best to do it outside of this area.

Go to migration as soon as you enter the boarding area, just in case your trip is out of the country. There you will carry out the relevant procedures to leave the country such as passport check, boarding pass, digital photo, fingerprints, the reasons for travel, among other requirements.

6. Travel by plane for the first time national

If you do not fly out of the country, you do not have to go through the migration zone. Sit back, relax and wait for the call of your flight.

7. Locate your boarding gate

Normally, the boarding gate is indicated on the boarding pass. If not, go with your ticket to the screens and check the boarding gate of your flight.

When locating it, stay close to it.

Do not forget that it is at the other end of the airport, especially in large airports, so you could miss the flight if you delay in finding it or get to it.

8. Take a walk in the departure lounge

Once you have located your boarding gate and only if you have time, you can visit the airport shops where you can buy perfumes, alcoholic beverages, food and clothing, without taxes.

9. Not everything that is tax-free is cheaper

Some things are not cheaper because they are exempt from tax. Better check prices first in local stores.

Also, do not buy much because to board the plane, you will only be allowed one carry-on and as much two bags.

10. Consider the VIP lounges

Flights tend to be delayed. Some with more than 12 hours and even a day of delay, so you must be prepared for this possibility.

A good option for this and with an additional cost is the private boarding rooms. They have fewer passengers than ordinary, solitary baths, Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and refreshments.

11. Be attentive to getting out of your seat

Passengers often lose their belongings in the departure lounge. Our recommendation, verify that you have not left anything when you get up from your seat.

12. Which seat to choose?

Choosing the seat of the plane is always a subject, but “the best seat” will depend on your needs.

If you do not want to be surrounded by so many passengers, choose the tail of the plane, an area that is usually alone when the flights are not full. If you are lucky, you could even use 2 or 3 seats for yourself.

If you want to take a little more space to stretch your legs, we recommend the seats next to the emergency exit. These rows are usually a little more separated than all the others.

The window seat is ideal for sleeping and relaxing, also for those who fly for the first time.

If you suffer from vertigo and you know you will need to get up to stretch your legs, you should preferably choose the aisle seat.

13. Locate your seat

The time has come to board the plane. By doing so, the hostesses and flight attendants will indicate the seat you chose. However, in case you do not have help, the numbers and letters of each seat are located under the luggage compartments.

14. Relate to your environment

Once you find your place, identify and if possible, know your seatmates. It will serve to connect you a little and make your flight a more pleasant experience. If they speak a different tongue, you can use apps like Google Talk or Hello Talk.

15. Make sure everything works

Once the seat is found, store the carry-on luggage in the nearest compartment. Make sure the seat belt, custom air ducts and lights work. In case of any problem, inform the staff in charge.

16. Get comfortable for the take-off

It’s not long before the plane takes off, so relax, get comfortable and enjoy the experience.

17. Be attentive when filling out the immigration form

The staff of international flights usually give an immigration card to passengers during the trip. Enter in it all relevant information such as passport number, the reason for the trip, return date and any object that requires prior declaration.

Be honest to fill it out because otherwise, you might have trouble entering your destination country.

How does it feel to be traveling by plane for the first time?

Despite the nerve, you will feel about flying for the first time; you have nothing to worry. To give you more confidence, we will describe what you will hear and possibly feel during the take-off.

The first thing the plane will do is take the runway. The captain will turn on the engines and begin to move quickly. At this point, you will feel a force that will push you back, and after a few seconds, the plane will begin to rise. At this moment, you will feel a feeling of emptiness followed by a softer one as if you were floating. Once the aircraft is stabilized, you will only enjoy your flight.

18. Even if you are scared, enjoy the take-off.

Even if you are a little scared, try to enjoy the take-off. It is an inexplicable and unique sensation.

19. Chewing gum

During takeoff and landing, you will be exposed to pressure changes that cause dizziness and blocked ears. To avoid this, we recommend chewing gum during both situations.

20. Do not read during takeoff or landing

Reading, plus the feeling of emptiness and the change in pressure can be a negative combination for your senses. Possibly it will cause you feeling of dizziness and desire to vomit. Do not do it.

21. Be attentive while landing and again, enjoy it

It is important that you are sitting in your seat before the plane lands, fold the tray again, buckle your seat belt and of course, enjoy the arrival.

22. Have the invoices of your purchases at hand

You must carry the invoices of the items you bought with you when you board the plane and entering your destination country. They will ask for them in security checks.

Also, it is worthwhile to know how to pay your bills while you travel the world.

23. Buy some sandwiches at the airport

An advantage of traveling by plane is the snack offered by most airlines. But sometimes this is not enough, especially on long flights. What we recommend is that you buy sandwiches to fill the stomach.

24. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol before boarding

Avoid alcoholic beverages or caffeine that may cause discomfort during the flight. Try to drink water and stay hydrated so that the trip will be more pleasant.

25. Take advantage of your carry-on luggage

On each flight and depending on the airline, they allow you a certain amount of luggage and weight in them. Surpassing yourself will cost you to pay an overweight, and we do not want that for you.

The secret is to get the most out of your carry-on baggage because it will not be heavy at any time. You can put in it all those things that are essential for your trip, but without it looking like a big bulk.

26. Always have your passport handy

The passport is the most important thing during your entire flight. Make sure you have it in a separate pocket and always at hand.

27. Wrap your luggage in plastic sheet

Suitcases are not well treated at airports, at least not as they should be. One way to protect them is by wrapping them in plastic on a machine that is in the airport. With this, you will also prevent your things from being opened and stolen.

28. Protect your most valuable objects

Wrap your most fragile items like perfumes and other glass jars in clothes, to protect them from the baggage treatment at the airport.

29. Plan your entertainment

Although some airlines offer movies, television series and music that the passenger prefers, especially on long flights, it is not necessary that you carry a book, surround headphones or your personal computer to advance work. Take what is necessary so that the hours pass faster.

30. Take the trip to get back to sleep

Sleeping during the flight will give you the feeling that it lasts less time. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the hours to get a little sleep.

31. What to do if you do not want to talk with your seatmate?

An intense seatmate who does not stop talking is uncomfortable. A good strategy to get rid of this is to show you busy or use headphones, even if you do not hear anything.

32. Wear earplugs

A pair of earplugs will serve to sleep in a noisy plane.

33. Take a travel pillow with you

As the seats of the airplanes are not very comfortable, it is crucial that you take a cushion or a travel pillow, especially on a long flight.

34. Do not forget a sleeping mask

Like the earplugs and the cushion, a mask will allow you to sleep more pleasantly.

35. Stand up to stretch your legs

Other tips for traveling by major plane, especially on flights of more than 4 hours. Stopping to walk occasionally through the corridors of the plane, in addition to stretching your legs, will allow you to maintain good circulation in them.

36. Check your seat before getting down

Airlines often find objects left by passengers in seats or luggage compartments. Make sure you have your things before getting off the plane.

37. Always travel with an antibacterial lotion or cream

Dozens of people have already sat on your seat. Take an antibacterial lotion or cream with you to avoid any infection.

38. Never go in flip flops!

Wear closed and comfortable shoes, never a pair of flip flops!

39. Bring a long sleeve jacket or shirt to your hand

We recommend you to wear a long sleeve coat or shirt to avoid a cold before boarding, during and after the flight.

40. If the trip is long, avoid jeans

Loose and comfortable clothing is the favorite for long flights. Avoid jeans.

These tips are surely going to change you from looking like a novice to an expert traveler. Also, you will enjoy your time without getting into any problems.