Last year saw a reassuring increase in the number of people from the UK taking a holiday without leaving the borders of the British Isles. An increase in the number of shorter breaks, coupled with another full week break in summer, plus a drive to save money with the recent fluctuation of the pound against the Euro, served UK holiday destinations well in 2019.

Research by Travel Lodge, as cited by Travel Mole, estimated that the collective boost to the UK economy from people holidaying in the UK was around £40 billion. So, if you’ll be joining the ever-growing masses this year, and “holidaying at home,” as it’s known, here are several essential you mustn’t forget.

Sun cream

Yes. Even here. And especially if you’re traveling with kids. Writing from experience here, at least once every summer the kids say ‘No, No No,’ which is later followed by ‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’, either side of a lengthy debate about the benefits of sun cream. Seaside resorts especially can be deceiving, when it comes to sun, and high winds can often mask intense sunlight. Plus, by planning ahead, you won’t end up having to buy expensive sun cream while you’re away, upon suddenly realizing you need it.


On the other side of this, however, looms the prospect of less clement weather. Just like the days at home when you plan on rolling out the barbecue, only to find grey clouds above you, your days away could be interrupted by a few hours of heavy rain. And while there’s likely to be plenty do nearby, if you do end up stuck inside your hotel, chalet, or caravan for half a day or so, be sure to bring a few games, a tablet device, or books to immerse yourself in until the rain eases off.


If you’re planning on a holiday to the UK, from outside the post-Brexit borders, then this article explains how you stand for the next few months. But if you’re simply packing up and driving around the UK from within, any injuries will be covered by the NHS, as always. However, there are of course other more specific insurance documents you may need, including your car insurance, and breakdown cover. Others include policies for the likes of touring caravans, campervans, and trailer tent insurance, depending on your plans.


Although this should be one of the last things you organize before traveling, it could be the most cost-effective overall. If you’re going to have somewhere to store it, you may as well shop for a few home comforts, as opposed to potentially paying more money for them elsewhere in the country. Plus, by spending a little extra before you pack up, you’ll have more money to play with when you’re away, for treating both you and your companions to dining out and fun during your holiday.


And finally, it’s those basic essentials that become the most missed when we’re suddenly without them. But with potentially long drives or train journeys ahead of you, plenty of walking, and the drive to pack as much into your break as possible, it can be easy to get a little dehydrated, fatigued, and run down – as with any other holiday. And while local chemists will certainly have all your home comforts available, and even local pharmacies able to order your forgotten prescriptions, that won’t mean much if you wake up in the middle of the night with a headache. The biggest bonus of a holiday at home is that you have home comforts close at hand – so don’t forget the very basic essentials when you pack this year!