Holidays normally have positive associations. This is interesting, as it normally goes together with a lot of stress due to travel. The cause? Queuing at the airport for security, waiting to go into the plane, waiting for the plane to take off. When arriving, you need to take all your luggage with you and locate the taxi stand or public transport. Another option is the rental of a car. With more innovative services emerging, the travel-related stress can easily be reduced. This is what car rental Schiphol is aiming for with their strategy.

What is car rental Schiphol?

Schiphol is the airport of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The airport is one of the major transportation hubs in Europe and receives lots of (transfer) passengers every year. To improve the experience of travellers, the airport is heavily investing in technology and innovation. This also allows for innovative parties to market their services at the airport. An example of this is car rental Schiphol. These companies make it possible to easily get to your rental car when arriving at the airport.

Renting a car

You can conveniently order a rental car via the Internet before arriving at Schiphol. During this process, you can decide if you want to come to the car rental office or prefer to receive valet parking. The latter option is a major stress-reliever. When you walk out of the airport, your car will be waiting for you with a representative of the rental company. After a brief check, you can take off and start to enjoy your holiday.


While you would expect that these services would come at a premium, this is not the case. Due to the effective use of technology, costs can be reduced and the services can be offered at competitive prices. Especially when comparing the rental costs to the larger companies in the business, such as Hertz.

Reducing stress when visiting The Netherlands

Car rental Netherlands helps to reduce your stress levels, as it will make it convenient to hop into your rental car. The companies are not only active at the airport of Amsterdam, but also at other airports such as Eindhoven. This makes it possible to rent a car throughout the country, being close to your destination.

Pick according to your needs

Rental cars in The Netherlands come in all shapes and sizes. Do note that cars are smaller compared to the larger SUVs that drive across the United States. Budget models are usually small cars, such as the Volkswagen Up. When you are willing to pay a premium, you could also chose for premium German brands such as Audi and BMW.