With the advancement of technology on devices and aviation technology, more and more people are traveling the world and getting to see parts that previously might have been seen as too remote. The Internet has allowed far off distant lads to be able to market themselves and make people aware of their existence. As a result, we have seen the proliferation of businesses tapping into various new areas of travel, tourism and hospitality. This has had a positive impact on the economics of poorer parts of the world, providing locals with new opportunities for employment and generally making a living. People also do feel empowered too to provide consistent feedback in the form of reviews on websites like Tripadvisor and so on so hotels, restaurants etc. have to be really mindful of providing a wonderful experience for visitors. The people at The Europe Hotel in Kerry have put together this infographic which goes through some of the interesting travel trends for this year, 2018. Whether people are going for more of an “experience” holiday or a technology switch-off option, people’s tastes are continually evolving and the travel and hospitality industry has had to try to adjust. Check out the full infographic below.

An infographic by the team at The Europe