To give local residents and Valley visitors an even more exhilarating gaming experience, the We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort is introducing new state-of-the-art craps and roulette table games.

Roll To Win Craps is a semi-autonomous craps game that lets players shoot real dice across a 12-foot LED playing field screen. Bright LED panels with dynamic graphics and animations offer multiple playing field layouts to keep the action going.  Players place bets privately on their screen and then see their virtual chips displayed on the main playing field.

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Thanks to its innovative LED surface technology, Blaze Roulette makes traditional roulette en fuego!  The energy-efficient LED Lightbox beneath the gaming surface displays eye-catching animations while highlighting winning numbers and game state prompts to make it easy for players to keep pace with the nonstop action.

Other gaming options at the We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort include approximately 900 slot machines, 16 blackjack tables, a 400-seat live bingo hall, and a slot high-limit room.  The entire casino is 100 percent smoke-free, and has been so ever since it opened last October.