In the present day, Catamaran or simple cats are much talked about in luxury tourism. Yet, this sailing boat is preferred for its design, cabins, smooth sailing, weave-friendly, and you will not feel seasickness while on a long voyage trip.  

What is Catamaran?

The catamaran is derived from Catumaram, which is the Tamil language in south India. The British, while in colonial time, copied this boat design and named it Catamaran or cat. The history of cats is unknown. It is found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asian countries. Yet, historians from India say that catamaran boats have traveled in trading during medieval times and reached those countries. Yet, the British people introduced the cats to the western world.

Today, catamaran manufacturers design them with durable materials. The traditional Catamaran is made of tying two-piece wooden logs. It is why it is called catamaran, or a bunch of woods tied together.

Types of Catamaran

There are 2-types of catamaran for sale. They are Pontoon boat and SWATH or Small-water plane-area twin hull. We have described it in simple terms to know the history, uses, and the demand for cats by fishermen, tourism industry, defense, passenger transportation, recreational and entertainment industry.

1. Pontoon Catamaran Boat:  It is modern-day’s Catamaran used for fishing and leisure reasons. It is similar to the wooden bung catamaran. Yet, the boat materials are now different. It is made of fiber and fiberglass. Today’s pontoon boat manufacturers make them small and medium-size cats to explore freshwaters, lakes, rivers, backwaters, and the sea.

It is made of 2-hulls. The two hulls are balanced with a bridge connecting up to 75% of the hull’s upper portions. Passenger seating place or for tourists is designed on the bridge. The fishermen’s pontoon is used as a storage place for fish. Motors power pontoon cats. It has the potential to reach 45-miles in seawater. They are available for sale with single and double motors. Yet, the power of the engines mainly depends on the dimension and heaviness of the pontoons. The modern pontoon use mast and sails as the traditional catamaran use. People prefer to go in them due to their originality.    

Pontoons are widely used near tourism-related waterfronts. It can drag a water skater and paragliding. It is also used in recreational fishing in lakes and rivers. The honeymoon goers, corporate and small families take this boat for cruising purposes.

2.  SWATH Catamaran Boat: Small-water plane-area twin hull becomes the advanced version of Catamaran today. It is a stylish one as it is tough enough to float in deep-sea. The tides will not affect this boat as it has vast twin hulls. Its long bridge and hulls are enough to withstand rough sea. Thus, the SWATHs are available for sale in medium to large size cats.  

SWATH is motor-driven due to its vast capacity. It is mainly used as cruise boats in international tourism. You can find this boat in prominent aquatic tourist attraction places in this world. The famous SWATH boats for cruising are in Switzerland, Alaska, Canada, and Norway. These SWATH cruise boats are with luxury living space cabins.  

SWATH is used for fishing purposes in many countries having seafront. The anglers can stand on the bridge and hull top with delicate balance and catch fish. It has much storage capacity.

SWATH boats are used in the military and navy. It is used as a carrier, rescue boats, and by coast guards. They have massive hulls than standard cats.

SWATHs are passenger boats in many developed countries. They are preferred due to their balancing capacity to take hundreds of passengers at a time. Moreover, the passengers feel much comfort while traveling in a SWATH. Most of the SWATH passenger model boats are brought from government bodies related to inland waterways. However, the private parties do order for this type of boat when they are given a contract from their government to run passenger boats in the river, backwaters, and lakes. This type of boat can travel at 50miles per hour with total capacity inside the boat. They have seating and standing area with views.  

Conclusion: The catamaran is vastly manufactured near the waterfronts in the USA and European countries. They manufacture for commercial purposes like cruise boats and passenger boats. Yet, the demand from tourism and allied industries has made a demand for custom design. They are for luxury tourism with private cabins and minibar and other toilet facilities.