Having dogs as pets is a beautiful thing. Not only are dogs loyal and trustworthy, and beneficial to your health as well. Bringing a canine home can mean that you will now have a better social life since you can engage with other dog owners. Studies have also shown that having dogs around can help to reduce high blood pressure, stress, and even depression. However, pets are living things, and as with all living things, they will eat, sleep, urinate and defecate. In the last two cases, special care would need to be exercised so that your pet dog doesn’t consider every part of the home a bathroom.

Some dogs are easily trained on where to ‘relieve’ themselves. However, in some cases, a diaper is most handy. If you’re wondering what a dog diaper is, they’re simply diapers for dogs. Some reasons why dog diapers are essential for furry canines are the following:

• No need to engage in cleaning

• No foul odor lingering in the home despite having cleaned

• Great if you are visiting someone’s home or a shopping place

• Provides canines with freedom

Furthermore, there are two different types of dog diapers you can choose from cloth or disposable. If you are environmentally conscious, then cloth diapers may be for you. However, be sure to note that it can be a bit gross when handling, washing, and reusing the same diaper continuously.

Disposable diapers are easier to use. Once used, simply discard them – it doesn’t get any simpler than this. But they are not eco-friendly. Over time, these diapers will be piled up in landfills, which can wreak havoc to the environment.

As a precautionary method, be sure to use gloves when removing dog diapers, so you don’t come in direct contact with urine and feces. Also, use baby wipes to clean your dog. Let’s take a look at some situations when wearing a diaper is crucial for your pet dog:


Many dog owners have agreed that a newborn puppy can undoubtedly use a diaper. New puppies may not know where to ‘relieve’ themselves, so by wearing a diaper, they go to the bathroom whenever and wherever they please. However, be sure not to grow lazy; potty training the dog is essential and will help you save money in the long run.

Female Dogs in Heat

Female dogs in heat will bleed, and this bleeding can remain in continuation for around 10-12 days. If you don’t put a diaper on your female dog during this time, you will likely get a discharge every day on  your furniture,  carpet, and flooring. The best way to gauge if your dog is in the heat is to check for a swollen vulva or any unfamiliar discharge. Go to Pet Parents for more information on dogs in heat.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can occur in dogs due to urinary tract infections, bladder problems, a weakened urinary sphincter muscle, and even diabetes. If you believe that your dog isn’t urinating out of a behavioral issue, then be sure to consult a vet. It’s important to remember that even well-trained dogs can suffer from urinary incontinence. Drugs and surgery can alleviate this issue as well as diapers.

Senior Dogs

Elderly dogs are very likely to lose their bodily functions and therefore urinate and defecate whenever they feel the urge. Hence, diapers are likely to be the lifesaver here. It’s also found that dogs older than the age of 11 may suffer from CCD (canine cognitive dysfunction), which can be said to be similar to Alzheimer’s in humans. If your dog is losing bodily functions or has CCD, drugs can help, but diapers are still vital and necessary.