business strategy

June 5, 2014

Michael Gossie

Saletta offers Seminar on new Science of Sales

Not many leaders are as charismatic, clever, or capable of giving sound sales advice to the public as Michael Saletta. In fact, Saletta is one of the most diverse speakers, trainers, and consultants in the world, having shared his knowledge and experience with companies as renowned as La-Z-boy, Revlon, Whole Foods and even the U.S. Army.

Saletta will be revealing sales strategies, and giving his audience the tools they need to understand the motivational drivers, as well as the decision-making process of a customer’s brain on Wednesday, June 11th from 8:30-10:30 am at the Millennium Resort and Villas in Scottadale.

For over 20 years Saletta has been travelling the world and helping companies grow and develop. He strongly believes in team alignment in order to promote communication and overall performance. However, this workshop will be geared towards getting customers to say “yes” and to increase the performance and confidence of one’s sales team.

Saletta reveals, “Leadership is the responsibility to positively influence self, others and outcomes.”

For more information on this limited space event, visit or call 480-305-5665.