The 100 Best Places to Live and Work in Arizona for 2023 earned the most support in voting for the 2023 edition of Ranking Arizona, the state’s biggest business opinion poll. The list includes CORE Construction, which provides exceptional building services in 11 markets.

CORE Construction

Utilizing comprehensive construction knowledge and industry expertise, CORE provides exceptional building services in 13 markets, including Phoenix, focusing on the K-12, higher education, municipal, public safety, and senior living sectors. CORE has a strong company culture of mutual trust and continuous improvement that lead to great results and team pride.

Why is CORE Construction a great place to work?

“I don’t think that it’s necessarily one thing that creates a great company culture,” says Todd Steffen, president at CORE Construction Arizona, “but I do think a lot of it is intentional. We have a culture that’s written down and we talk through it a lot. It begins with the idea of servant leadership and understanding that every single day, I’m going to recommit myself to earning the trust of my fellow employee. That starts to create momentum. And that intention is contagious.”

What makes CORE’s culture special? 

“We know that every employee in our company has a purpose,” Steffen says. “Every employee in our company has unique gifts, talents, abilities and passions. It is our job to mine those out, to identify those, to celebrate those, and then clear paths so that that individual can see those gifts, talents, abilities and passions and we celebrate them.”

What mascot best represents your firm? 

“It may sound a little aggressive, but we would be a pack of wolves,” Steffen says. “We talk a lot about understanding that we’re not lone wolfs. We do work as a pack and depend on each other. That’s what makes CORE special.”