How art can improve office productivity

Real Estate | 30 May, 2018 |

Having art in your office can be a great way of turning those typical dull, grey walls into a place that is enjoyable to work in. More offices are opting to add art to their walls because of the great effects that it can have on productivity. In this article, we are going to discuss how art could improve how your staff in your office work so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The Atmosphere

Having art in a room can instantly affect the overall atmosphere of the room. Depending on the sort of art you choose, you can set the tone of the office and turn it into a more productive place. This works in many ways with certain fine art pieces like those from Fine Art America being known to add a calm atmosphere to an office that makes employees feel more at ease. Busy art can sometimes have a negative effect if it is distracting so make sure to choose the pieces of art for your office carefully, depending on the type of atmosphere that you’d like to create.


The great thing about art is that it shows off the talents of the artists that have created the pieces. This can be incredibly inspiring for your staff as they appreciate the work of others and compare it to their own work. This is why many offices are opting for inspirational posters or impressive pieces of art to try to inspire their staff. Think carefully about what you want to inspire your staff to do and find a piece that will help you do that.

Beyond Your Staff

If you have an office that sees clients come and go, you might want to consider adding some art to improve their experience. Not only will your clients enjoy looking at some of the pieces that you have chosen but they might even feel a sense of calm or happiness when they are in your waiting room or reception. This can do a lot to increase the positivity of your clients and they might feel more at ease when they come in for an appointment or an important meeting.

The Employee Experience

Our final point about art is that it can improve the overall employee experiences. Many employees that have art in their offices tend to feel more comfortable and enjoy working in this place. Making an office friendlier and the walls more attractive will have an overall effect on your employees. When your employees are happier, it is more likely that they will be more productive when they are working. You’ll find that they are more stimulated and will feel more positive about their work. This overall increase in productivity is something which you should not miss out on. Make sure to find some art for your office as soon as possible and you will soon see how your staff become more productive in their work.


Art gallery in office

MRA Associates recently turned its blank walls into an art gallery space. (Photo by Hailey Mensik)

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