Scottsdale 20-30 Club presents 20th anniversary of Brokers for Kids

Real Estate | 20 Mar, 2019 |

The Scottsdale 20-30 club has been raising money for children’s charities across Arizona since its start in 1987. The club consists of up to 50 men all under 40 years old volunteering their time to help improve the lives of children all over the state. The Brokers for Kids chairman and club member Scott Ellsworth said, “Our choosing to volunteer our time to put on these events to help support charities in our community is extremely rewarding and something I’m proud of.”

The club hosts three events to raise money throughout the year, and two of them are coming up quick, Brokers for Kids and Agents Benefiting Children. The chairmen for both events shared a little bit about the excitement to come on April 5 at Scottsdale Stadium.

The two events combine together for teams to compete in an Olympiad of events beginning at 1 p.m. There will be competitions in bocce ball, sac toss, a football throw, and a basketball shot. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brokers for Kids, there are a few new fun changes.

“We are going to be adding a home run derby event, so participants will have an opportunity to help raise money the day of and win a getaway trip,” Ellsworth said.

According to Agents Benefiting Children chairman Braydon Dennis, there will also be food, vendors and live music to enjoy at the event which will be followed by an after-party starting at 4 p.m.

In the past few years, the event has truly grown to new heights. In addition to the home run derby this year, the event has expanded its auction which will feature a large painting completed live at the event. Plus, Nate Nathan and the MacDaddy-O’s will be the live band again this year.

Dennis explained that the events this year will be sponsoring two main charities. On the Agents Benefiting Children side is The Care Fund, and on the Brokers for Kids side is Boys Hope Girls Hope.

The Care Fund assists families with children in the hospital by subsidizing their rent or mortgage payments.

“Instead of the family having to worry about taking care of their rent or their mortgage while their child is in the hospital, they can just worry about their child,” Dennis said. “It kind of alleviates that stress and helps them during a time of need.”

Boys Hope Girls Hope helps send children to higher status schools for a better education when their families may not typically be able to afford it. “It’s just an awesome organization that segues kids who just don’t have the same opportunities as some others and puts them into a schooling situation that allows them to thrive,” Dennis said.

The Care Fun and Boys Hope Girls Hope have been the main charity partners with the club for the past few years, but the club donates to many other charities around the Valley. Just last year the club gifted to 28 local charities. The Scottsdale 20-30 Club has been working to help children’s charities around Phoenix for many years and aims to make more of an impact each year through many avenues including Brokers for Kids and Agents Benefiting Children.

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