October 27, 2014

Amanda Ventura

Meet Tempe’s biggest parking advocate Darwyn Harp

Darwyn Harp handles property management and business development services for Hines by day. By night, however, Harp is Tempe’s biggest parking advocate. AZRE caught up with the Aggie alum to see just what keeps his meter running for Tempe’s 8,500 parking spots.

What does it mean to be a parking advocate?
It is one who understands the importance of having an excellent parking management system along with the necessity of appropriate parking inventory for the desired functionality. It’s more than just shouting from the mountain tops that we need more parking; rather, it’s understanding that in fact we may just need better communication about where available parking is located.

How did you get into this cause?
I was recruited by the Downtown Tempe Community (DTC) to help with parking because, at the time, I managed one of the larger parking structures in the enhanced services district in the DTC. It was a natural fit as I had a vested interest in protecting my client and being a good neighbor.

What are some of the most important advances Tempe has made?
Honestly, one of the best decisions by the DTC has been hiring its present Director of Operations Adam Jones. Adam is a consummate parking professional, and he has consistently brought new ideas to the table that have served to advance the cause of well-managed parking in downtown Tempe.

What’s a surprising parking fact?
If you have a destination with very limited, parking and nearly always full parking at your front door and limited, frequently full, overflow parking a block away, people will generally not let that deter them from patronizing your destination if they like what you offer.