Jim Belfiore
Belfiore Real Estate Consulting

Belfiore has 15 years experience in real estate research and analysis. During the last eight years, he and his team have helped Arizona developers, homebuilders, lenders, investors, and brokers understand buyers, macro and micro-level supply and demand conditions, and potential outcomes of community development and building strategies.

Biggest challenge: “The downturn. My business was started as the real estate downturn took hold of the Arizona housing market.  Hard work, innovation, and the support of family and friends allowed the company to emerge from the downturn as a leading AZ research firm.”

Best advice to offer: “An honest assessment is often one of the most difficult but necessary evaluations to move beyond challenges. Whether evaluating yourself or a property you’ve fallen in love with and don’t want to give up on, a thorough and honest assessment will help you find the path to success.”

Surprising fact: “A buddy and I consider ourselves the foremost Arizona authorities on Fourth of July pig-roasting. I think those that visit our party every year would agree — our pig rules.”