The Tiny House Village, built by local developer, Hope Construction, is a brand new living community and the first of its kind in Flagstaff. Flagstaff has some of the highest home prices in the state, and the new community aims to provide the affordability and sustainability of tiny home living without sacrificing the luxuries of living in a fully appointed home. With the struggle to find affordable housing in the community, the Tiny House Village is perfect for those community members searching to embrace the peace, sustainability, and affordability that downsizing brings. For the first time, Flagstaff residents don’t have to sacrifice a sense of community to live in a sustainable tiny home as the Tiny House Village is located in the center of the city at Fourth Street and Soliere Avenue intersection and is well connected to everything Flagstaff has to offer.

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“We are proud to bring the Tiny House Village to the community of Flagstaff. This new living experience highlights the best aspects of what we love about Flagstaff; the sense of adventure, the strength of the community, and an appreciation for our beautiful surroundings. We are especially proud to provide the community with sustainable and economical housing options,” said Jennifer Carpenter, Sales Manager for Tiny House Village.

The Tiny House Village offers the flexibility for residents to choose between six different floor plans, ranging from a 600 square foot 1bed/1bath up to a 900 square foot 3bed/2bath.  For the true tiny house enthusiasts, Hope Construction’s’ tiny house community also offers 6 lots for lease that cater to that special market segment, as long as their tiny house meets the community standards. Tiny House Village is a lease land development, meaning that residents buy and own their homes but lease the land they are on. Services like water, sewer, trash, snow removal, and property taxes are included in the land lease. More so, tiny house owners will have access to exclusive community amenities like a clubhouse, laundry facilities, showers, lawn games, and an entertainer’s kitchen.

“I am excited for the Tiny House Village and the unique living opportunity it will offer to the residents of Flagstaff.  It is important that our city have a diversity of housing options and this first of its kind community is excited to offer our take on affordable and sustainable living” said David Carpenter, Developer, Tiny House Village.

Hope Construction takes immense pride in designing and building efficient homes and commercial buildings with smaller carbon footprints. Energy-efficient, eco-friendly designed tiny houses can reduce one’s yearly carbon emissions, are lighter on the planet, and simply make sense in supporting Flagstaff to become a more sustainable place to live.

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