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Lesson Learned From Steve Jobs: People Before Products

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple
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People before product. This is an important lesson taught by Steve Jobs who passed away Wednesday, October 5. Steve Jobs created a culture of innovation. His attitude of putting the customer and people first, changed the way we communicate today not only on a personal level but also on a business level. The needs of… Read More →

Staying Innovative When You’re A One Man Operation

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How to Stay Innovative When You’re A One Man Operation With the economy down and unemployment numbers high, many have chosen to take the opportunity to start their own business as a one man operation. This is an exciting step, but it comes with some challenges. How do you motivate yourself daily to work from… Read More →

Productivity Tips While Working From Home

Home Office Productivity Tips
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Productivity Tips While Working From Your Home-Based Business: According to Census data, in 2008 almost six million people called their home their primary place of work. And this number has continued to grow. In fact, more companies are using telecommuting as an incentive. Many large firms, such as IBM and Boeing, have even reported seeing… Read More →

How To Have A Competitive Advantage In Business

Adopt Technologies
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We are currently experiencing one of the most disruptive technological revolutions in 30 years.  This change is advancing the way we do business, and with it is requiring businesses to change the way they compete in order to have a competitive advantage. The ability to be flexible is what will make you soar above your… Read More →