We are currently experiencing one of the most disruptive technological revolutions in 30 years.  This change is advancing the way we do business, and with it is requiring businesses to change the way they compete in order to have a competitive advantage.

The ability to be flexible is what will make you soar above your competition and succeed.

New Technology

The cloud is changing everything, yet many have not heard about it, or if they have, do not really know what it means to them.

To put it simply, the cloud lets us compute on demand.  It has taken away physical restrictions and advanced the capabilities of what we can do with our smartphones, tablets and PCs.  Now, we are becoming more connected than ever before.  The idea that the PC is the sole place to store our digital lives is no longer accurate, and now we can connect and store everything “in the cloud.”

With the cloud, we are able to enhance our communications and work together easier and faster at a lower cost.  And when put that way, it’s easy to see why this is taking the world by storm.

New Competitive Advantage

With this extreme shift in how we do business, companies have to adapt.

Flexibility is now a consumer expectation.  To stay competitive, businesses must have the right tools in place to meet the new demands from their customers.

Competitive advantages set companies apart and are the determining factors in why customers choose them over other services available.  A competitive advantage, in the old sense of the term, used to be a specific product feature or offer that only a specific company could deliver. Now, with the shift in technology, the competitive advantage of many companies is their ability to be flexible and adapt to their consumers’ needs quickly and easily.

New Service

Software companies are not ignoring this revolution.  Instead, they are taking advantage of it and offering more to businesses so that they can in turn increase their ability to serve client needs.

New communication tools allow companies to increase their competitive advantage and become more flexible than ever before.  Now, businesses will have a place in the cloud where they can connect with their clients and maintain deeper relationships.  They can create loyalty and enhance their service with easy-to-implement tools.

When looking for a software tool to aid adaptability, it is important to find a solution that does not require extensive setup or transition time.  Solutions that include multiple collaboration features in one place are ideal for small businesses as they are easier to use and generally less expensive.

Companies who fail to begin using these new cloud solutions will have difficulty surviving in the current economic climate.   However, those firms who adapt to this shift in how we do business will be successful and have the tools to thrive!