The market trends are changing at the speed of light in the present world scenario. Traditional marketing strategies are now being replaced by various digital marketing tools. When companies first started sending embedded video email campaigns, it was an easy way to break through the noise of viewers’ inboxes. It worked on average four times better than a standard text email newsletter.

However, leading on from this success came a new challenge: getting people to take action once they watched the video. But why stop at creating a great video email? Video emails are continuing to grow in popularity, with brands finding new ways to use them.

So here are ten strategies you can add to your email marketing campaign for an extra boost in performance.

Long vs. Short Videos  

Test which length performs better. There is no doubt about it; longer videos tend to have higher conversion rates than shorter ones. But if you have too much information that needs relaying, viewers might skip over it because there’s not enough time.

You need to find that content-related balance between being concise and conveying the optimum amount of content.

What Should I Include Inside My Video?

Here are some ideas you can consider when including media inside your embedded video email:

• Introduce yourself. This step is beneficial if the viewer doesn’t know much about you (yet)

• Make your message feel more personal and less like an advertisement.

• Explain what you do, why it’s different from others in your industry, and how people benefit from working with you

• Add emotion; videos that make people laugh or cry tend to be shared more widely on social media, which will entice viewers to watch them quickly before someone else gets there first.

Include Engagement Prompts 

If they don’t act now, they might miss out! When watching a long video or article, many people can get distracted and forget to take action. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, though.

To combat this, you need to try prompting your viewers to act by asking them questions or including a call-to-action button underneath the video (e.g., “Download our new ebook now…”)

Show Your Personality

If you want people to trust who you are and what you do, show it! Video email is a great way of humanizing your brand and helping others feel connected with it more deeply. So, future emails from your company seem less like advertisements and more like personal requests for help or investment.

Use Subtle Content Marketing 

Remember that your video email is sent on behalf of a brand, not a person. Include your company’s values and campaign topics subtly, so people slowly learn more about your business as time goes on.

One great way of doing subtle content marketing is by conversing with an employee from another department or industry that works alongside you. It will resonate more strongly with viewers if they’re both friendly and knowledgeable.

Tag Team 

Ask some of your employees to introduce themselves in the video email instead of yourself – ask them to mention their role in the company and what value they bring to it/the viewer, then tag one person off before introducing another.

The “tag method” sets you apart from other companies who blindly follow a standardized format for their emails – you’ll quickly become much more memorable to your audience.

Make the Message Personal 

Don’t send links over video – send over a zipped document instead. Zipped documents ensure that they are motivated enough to click on it just before watching your video, rather than simply tapping ‘delete’ as soon as they see it’s an advert.

Ensure Your Video Email Loads Quickly 

When sending video emails, be sure to use a fast server so the video doesn’t cause too much strain for your viewers’ internet connection.

Having said this, though, if your website is already relatively slow at loading, then adding in another layer of the problem could cause people to leave entirely – try testing both options and see which has a higher success rate.

Look For Other Opportunities to Use Video 

When your message is finished, don’t make your viewer click away immediately; instead, keep the video front and center of their screen while you direct them towards another portion of text or an image that they can absorb more quickly if their attention span has waned (and it will after watching something like a video email).

Test the Video

The best method to learn what works in email marketing is by testing different approaches, so be sure to experiment with how you speak to viewers and what kinds of things you include in your video email. As you start to receive responses, you’ll learn more about how best to adjust your approach for maximum impact.

This technique works particularly well on long pages with lots of content because it helps break up your page into more manageable chunks that are easier to digest.