Your boxes have been packed, and the truck has started its journey. It’s time to relocate your company to its new site. But have you done the necessary procedures to make your formal digital transition? If you’re thinking about relocating to a new location for your company, you must understand how Google works to ensure that your consumers discover you. Let’s imagine many people in your neighborhood are looking up your business online, and sales are skyrocketing because of your local search ranks. Continue reading to learn how to use Local SEO while your business relocates to a new location.

Update Your Local Listings

Begin by amending your Google My Business account’s address for your Google local business listing. Don’t create the new local listing until you intend to operate from both the old and new addresses. Following local SEO best practices, you should wait until your new location is open and ready to serve clients before upgrading your online information. Having said that, if you’re prepared to redirect consumers from your previous address but haven’t yet opened at your new location, you may always specify your opening date in Info so that “Coming Soon” appears on your company listing.

Adjust The Position of Your Map Pins

When changing your company address, make sure your map indicator pin in Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps is at the proper location. It is advised that you position the pin in the middle of your company location rather than in the car park, street, or crossroads. This will offer more precise driving directions to searchers and navigation systems.

Change The Contact Information on Your Website

After you’ve changed your company information on Google or other search engines, you’ll need to alter your website’s address. Check for references to your previous location on the site, contact page, footer, and landing pages built for social networking sites and paid advertising campaigns. Changing your business address on your website is a local SEO signal for search engines that the information in your company listing is valid because it can be verified on your website.

Spread The Word About Your Address Change

Sharing your new company located across the web not only informs search engines that you’ve relocated, but it’s also a terrific method to notify your clients that you’ve relocated. One can share this company news in a variety of ways online. You might, for example, make a Google My Business page to inform searchers of your new location. Use the events post type to publicize an open house event date or the offer post to promote a limited-time deal. Following the conclusion of your digital transition, your local business profiles will be updated within six weeks to six months of the time you file modifications.


We hope you enjoyed and found our post beneficial. When relocating to a new location, it is critical to update local SEO. All the strategies listed above will undoubtedly assist you in completing the task. Furthermore, if you seek professional SEO services that will help you meet your goals with less effort, we strongly advise you to contact us for more information.