August 17, 2020

AZ Business Magazine

400,000 face masks donated to PCH, Valley of the Sun United Way

In communities across the country, Bank of America has been working with local partners to provide resources to vulnerable and underserved communities hardest hit by the coronavirus. In Phoenix, which is experiencing a significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases, Bank of America is partnering with Valley of the Sun United Way and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically 400,000 masks.

This donation is part of a nationwide effort by Bank of America to immediately distribute nearly four million PPE masks to communities disproportionally impacted by the coronavirus, including communities of color, and is connected to its $1 billion, four-year commitment of additional support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by a global pandemic. This donation adds to the four million masks that the company donated earlier this year in cities across the country.

“The health and safety of our employees, clients and communities remain our top priority during this health and humanitarian crisis,” said Benito Almanza, Bank of America market president for Arizona. “In addition to providing $3.1 million in virus relief grants to Arizona nonprofits, another way we are helping communities slow the spread of the virus is by working with local partners to distribute PPE masks to the most vulnerable populations, such as low-to-moderate income families, seniors and communities of color disproportionately impacted, in addition to frontline workers, schools and health centers serving these communities.”

Below how the 400,000 masks will be distributed acxross Phoenix.

• 300,000 masks to Valley of the Sun United Way, which will work with Phoenix Community Toolbank to distribute the masks to nonprofits in Phoenix and statewide for use by families relying on the nonprofits’ services.

• 100,000 masks for patients, family members and visitors to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which needs up to 2,000 masks per day to safely meet patient and visitor demand.

For more information on the bank’s support of employees, clients and communities during this time, see the latest updates here.