Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2020, including Morag Lucey, CEO at Televerde. Each day, is profiling one of the Most Influential Women of 2020.

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Today’s spotlight: Morag Lucey



Background: Lucey boasts nearly 20 years of executive leadership experience in marketing and technology: eliminating silos, delivering on revenue and profit targets, and inspiring teams. Lucey specializes in transforming the customer experience and solution offerings and creating company-wide strategic messaging alignment.

Professional advice: “Invest in understanding what it means to be a good leader; don’t go into it thinking you already know. It’s important to deeply understand what it means to lead others. You need to listen more than you speak, be empathetic (see and feel things as others do), stay curious about people, and really seek to learn what individuals need from you. Real leadership isn’t about satisfying your own personal needs. It’s all about knowing, understanding and delivering what your people need, both individually and collectively.”

Lesson learned in 2020: “I’ve learned the importance of having massive amounts of empathy in business. Prior to joining Televerde, I was highly results-oriented at the expense of building personal relationships. I’ve evolved. I’ve learned to balance the two because I now believe that the emotional side of work is equally as important as the results. And when you think about it, it makes intuitive sense. Relationships drive performance. The stronger the relationship, the stronger the results.

“For me, focusing on the people element and ensuring my team is happy and fulfilled in the work they do is paramount. When people know you care, they work harder. As a leader, you also learn what makes them tick. With our teams being thrust into new working environments because of COVID-19, our entire executive team is going the extra mile to connect with our employees. We hold weekly company meetings to give business updates and take questions and also host a lot more social events over Zoom after work hours. Engagement and productivity have both increased as a result. On a personal note, I also quite enjoy seeing our teams in their home environments, having their children pop in and out and watching them navigate in their family roles. These have been silver linings that have come out of the pandemic.”

Surprising fact: “Being an introvert always surprises people. I also love taking off taking off to nowhere with my husband Mike in our motor home. I’m a tomboy at heart. I love swimming in lakes, mountain climbing, hiking, biking, getting dirty…basically all high-adrenaline activities. On weekends, I’m make-up free, hair up, baseball cap and ready to roll. This is always very surprising to people who work with me.”