As a business owner, you might be aware that commercial litigation is the legal action regarding a dispute in a business relationship. However, you might not exactly understand the particular situations that you might need a commercial litigation lawyer for.

Below are a handful of situations that you’ll want help for a legal issue involving commercial litigation.

1. Breach of Contract

Contracts aren’t meant to be broken. However, if a business partner, employee, or vendor, for instance, decides to breach the agreement you had between one another, and they aren’t willing to compromise, then this is one situation that might call for hiring a commercial litigation lawyer.

2. Personal Injury Claims

From a business perspective, there are many ways an employee, customer, client, or the like can try to take you down with a personal injury claim. Product liability, workplace injury, or medical malpractice are examples of a personal injury claim.

Having a commerical litigation lawyer on your side can help prove whether or not such personal injury claim is legit or not. If proven to not be legit, this can save you from paying big bucks for injuries that are not your fault.

3. Property Lawsuits

As a landlord, it can be frustrating when dealing with a tenant who refuses to pay rent. You remind them multiple times about their past-due rent. You might even threaten to evict them. But these reminders and threats don’t always work, unfortunately, and can be time-consuming.

One of the best ways to tackle an issue like this one is to reach out to a commercial litigation lawyer for assistance in recovering the money lost from the unpaid rent.

4. Patent Infringements

Nothing’s worse than having your concept stolen and having someone else claim it as their own. It’s never a good feeling knowing you’re being used or milked for your idea. This not only leaves you with a feeling of being betrayed but can also affect your business money-wise.

In the event that someone is using, making, and/or selling your patented invention without your permission, this is called patent infringement. In this case, it’s a good idea to get a commercial litigation lawyer involved right away.

5. Debt Collection

There’s always that possibility that a vendor or customer will refuse to pay for goods or services that you provided. And nothing is more frustrating. Your first step is to try to make amends outside of court.

You try communicating with them. No response. You might even have collections services try to assist. But they still won’t budge, and they don’t seem to want to make payment anytime soon – or ever. This could harm your business financially, no doubt.

Are you dealing with issues regarding debt collection? It’s time to hire a commercial litigation lawyer in Sydney as soon as possible to get this situation sorted.


There are many legal aspects of business that can make owning your own company seem like a hassle. From breach of contract to patent infringements, a commercial litigation lawyer can be by your side to help you navigate these complicated, nerve-wracking legal issues.