Sales enablement has been on everyone’s lips in the business world lately. No wonder every entrepreneur is focused on enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their sales department and increasing revenues. In addition to developing strategies and implementing sales enablement, companies are offered sales enablement programs that help them achieve their goals and track progress. Let’s explore what these are and how they will make life easier for your business.

​​What is Sales Enablement?

First, let’s recap what sales enablement is. It is an ongoing process that aims to collect and organize all the necessary data, training materials, useful content, and tools to help improve the effectiveness of each individual rep and the sales team as a whole.

Sales enablement helps better interaction with potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Quick access to the right content makes communication with leads more timely and productive. Sales enablement tools allow you to automate many processes, simplify access to any information, and provide detailed analytics on how leads interact with your content. You can continuously refine and strengthen your content strategy based on this data.

Sales Enablement Platform Explained

Modern sales enablement platforms are designed to track the entire sales lifecycle, the content it uses, and its impact on sales performance. Moreover, these programs help configure and automate sales personnel’s onboarding and training process.

Sales enablement analytics tools answer all key questions about content effectiveness by showing:

• What content is available to the sales team;

• Which content is used by each salesperson and which is not;

• The way customers interact with those materials.

The system links content usage to each transaction, tracking the materials the customer interacts with and when on their sales journey.

A clear understanding of exactly what materials a lead requires to understand a need and make a purchase decision enables you to shorten the transaction cycle and get a potential customer to pay faster.

Sales enablement platforms help sales rep organize their daily chores. Besides, this tool can align two eternal opposing teams — marketing and sales. They can collaborate on content, use analytics to increase performance, and collaborate while moving at the same pace.

Must-Have Sales Enablement Programs Businesses Can’t Live Without

Sales enablement platforms integrate with other must-have tools sales departments use. It helps create a smooth and seamless workflow that enhances your team’s efficiency and boosts the number of closed deals. Let’s review other must-have sales tools your reps can’t live without.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

CRM systems allow you to structure the data, handle a large flow of information, analyze, and formulate tasks. It helps to redesign the management of employees, monitors the company’s activities, and facilitates the work with the documents and accounting. The CRM system allows you to track actions with the customer at each stage of the sales funnel and use analytics to optimize the department’s work.

Communication Software

Quality communication is the key to closing deals, and the established dialogue within the team allows it to be more effective. One solution for online conferences, training, internal correspondence, daily calls, and customer communication will make life much easier for your sales team. Moreover, video communication services (Zoom, Whoosh, Google Meet) allow you to close more deals without depending on the geography of your potential customers. They are also great solutions for remote sales teams and training sessions.

Automation of Email Writing and Sending

According to statistics, 3.5 million emails are sent every second worldwide. Working in a sales department often requires employees to have close and frequent contact with an inbox. For salesperson’s goals, use services that allow them to write emails much faster by creating personalized templates and snippets. Such apps help you share templates with your team and assign shortcuts to embedded text templates yourself.

To automate sending email threads and creating triggered newsletters, any email service like MailChimp will do.

Signs You Need A Sales Enablement Platform

How do you know when it’s time to find your perfect sales enablement platform? We have prepared a short checklist for you:

• Marketing and sales teams strive for the same goal but don’t work together;

• The sales team does not have a unified workflow;

• You don’t have a single sales content (script, marketing materials, case studies, showcases), and each employee uses something different;

• Low conversion rates despite a large number of leads from the marketing department;

• Your sales team doesn’t meet its KPIs.

Don’t be afraid to use additional selling and management tools. They really make work easier, free up the majority of your time, and handle routine tasks faster and more efficiently than people do. After spending just one day setting up sales enablement programs, you can work completely differently, much faster, and more efficiently tomorrow. You just have to find the platform that matches your business’s requirements and needs.