Traveling with a loved one in far distant areas is a daunting task, especially when he/she is suffering from a health condition. However, thanks to air ambulance services, they help in transporting patients from one city to the other, along with taking care of their medical needs. Air ambulance services are equipped with more facilities than you think. However, when it comes to choosing the right air ambulance service for your loved one, there are few factors to consider. Continue reading to know about them:

1. Company Background

When it comes to checking the company background, it is imperative for you to go through its history. Even in this section, you need to read the safety report. Air medical transport can be very expensive, so you need to be mindful enough when choosing the best one. Make sure, the company doesn’t have a history of serious accidents or any fatalities. A strong company is one that has been operating for over 25 years, so don’t settle for a newbie out there.

2. Air Flight to Additional Cities

Most companies provide facilities to travel in different cities across the globe. However, most tours are planned, so you need to tell the company about the places where you intend to fly with the patient. The best way to choose an air ambulance service provider is to look for the destinations covered by the company. This suggestion is impactful, especially when it comes to calculating the time it will take to move around in different places.

3. Add-Ons

Like extra supplies in the restaurant menu, one can ask for additional facilities that can make the journey worthwhile. Although most air medical transports are inclusive of the fundamental facilities, one can always ask for aromatherapy, music, entertainment, internet connection, movies, and a lot more. A modern air medical escort is inclusive of the main facilities, but if you want, you can easily register for add-ons to make the journey more enjoyable for the patient.

4. Emergency Transport

When it comes to acquiring air medical transport, there are two basic situations. The first one when a patient is in a critical condition and immediately needs to be taken to the medical facility. The second one is when a patient is to be taken to a different city for a medical facility or any other personal reason. Although most companies offer emergency transport, it is still important to know if they do offer this facility to the patients.

5. Medical Treatments Offered

It is important for every air ambulance to be fully equipped with modern equipment and technology. Especially when it comes to flying a patient with a critical health situation, the air ambulance should be able to stabilize the patient during the time it takes to reach the desired destination. Every air ambulance must have sophisticated machinery and equipment that are needed to perform essential blood tests. This can save a lot of time when the doctors have to treat or operate the patient with a challenging health condition.