In the next few months, Apple will be rolling out the new iPhone 14 and its close cousins (the Pros and the Pro Maxes).

I bet you’re excited like everyone about this. Not me, though. I never go after the newest Apple release. Not when I can wait and buy it for less later.

You are probably wondering, what world is this guy from? Well, same as you. The only difference between us is I’ve studied this game so well, and now I understand it better. Yeah, it’s a game to me.

If not, why spend a thousand dollars or more on a device, only to spend another thousand a few months later on a new one. To make it worse, the endless cycle continues like that.

So, if I can save a reasonable fraction every time a new release comes out, why won’t I do it?

This is what led me to purchase strictly pre-owned iPhones.

Are pre-owned phones not usually in bad condition?

No, not at all. iPhone is one of those devices users happily sell even when it hasn’t got any issues. In most cases, many sell their iPhones to buy a new one. So, when you buy a pre-owned iPhone, you’re technically getting a good deal.

In case you’re wondering, “how sure am I that I’m buying a good-conditioned iPhone?” Here is my secret. I have this tool called Nicelocal I use. Nicelocal connects me with the best phone stores near me. So, anytime I’m unsure about a vendor’s reputation or want to buy my newest pre-owned iPhone but don’t know where to look, I simply go on Nicelocal to find someone reputable. Easy, huh?

6 Reasons it makes sense to buy a pre-owned iPhone

So far, I’ve narrated my history with pre-owned iPhones. But I’m willing to bet you aren’t convinced enough that this is the right move for you. Allow me to show you a few reasons why I strongly believe you should be going after pre-owned iPhones and not the latest ones.

1. They’re relatively cheaper

The first reason anyone buys used stuff is that they’re normally cheaper than new ones.

In the iPhone world, the same holds true.

If you’re on a budget and still want a good iPhone experience, buying a used device can get you to your dreamland.

2. You can still enjoy the latest OS on your older iPhones

For other smartphone brands, buying a pre-owned phone might seem like you’re missing out on the latest updates and features. But that’s not the case with iPhones.

The biggest and the most aesthetically-pleasing iPhone right now is the iPhone 13. Guess what? If I go to Nicelocal and buy a pre-owned iPhone XS Max today, I’ll still enjoy similar software features as someone with an iPhone 13. Reason is that both phones can run the latest iPhone OS, which is the iOS 15.

So, essentially, with my pre-owned iPhone, I can save costs and still enjoy features people on the latest iPhones are enjoying.

3. Not too many design changes for a given generation

Apple has a culture of designing iPhones produced within a certain generation in an almost similar fashion.

Let’s look back at the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and iPhone 8. You’ll agree that all these phones have similar designs. It wasn’t until 7 Plus and 8 Plus before Apple tweaked their design. They’ve continued the same pattern with the 11, 12, and 13 families. And I’m willing to bet the incoming 14 family will also take the ‘three cameras’ design shape.

So, what’s my point exactly? Instead of forking out thousands of dollars on the latest iPhone, you can buy a pre-owned iPhone from the same generation that looks similar to the latest release. For example, instead of going after the iPhone 13, you can go for something in the 11 or 12 families. Design-wise, you’ll still be getting a similar appearance.

4. Resell price dip affects the newest release more

Who else has noticed that once a new iPhone drops, the preceding ones start to suffer a price drop? That has been the trend since Apple began its yearly releases.

Interestingly, this drop slows down as the years go on. So, for someone with an iPhone 12, they’ll suffer a heavier dip in value than someone with an iPhone 8 Plus once the iPhone 14 drops.

Now, the danger for someone buying a new iPhone is they are at risk of suffering the biggest dip once a new iPhone drops.

For example, if I buy a pre-owned iPhone for 500, chances are when a new iPhone model drops, my pre-owned one will still go for around $400 or $450. In contrast, if you’ve bought the latest iPhone, you’ll probably suffer a dip of greater or less than $300 when a new one drops.

5. When you’re making the jump from Android to Apple

Buying a pre-owned iPhone also makes sense if this is your first time owning an iPhone. Rather than spending top dollars on your first iPhone experience, you can go for a lower-priced iPhone that will give you the sort of experience you’ve dreamt about without hurting your pocket.

Summarily, buying a used iPhone is a less risky investment for someone who wants to give the iPhone a try. In case you end up not liking it, you can easily sell off without losing too much.

6. A used iPhone is still an iPhone, and it’s better than the competition

As we said in point #1 above, most people consider buying used stuff because of cost. If you’re considering a used iPhone, it’s probably because you’re low on budget or because you want to save money.

In any case, rather than spending the little money you have on another brand, it makes sense to buy a used iPhone. At least, with that, you’re sure you’re getting a better performance than many of the competitor brands you could get for a similar price.