Scottsdale-based Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS), an international leader in genomic testing, introduced a “Lite” version of its popular Health & Wellness Genetic Test which can only be purchased on the AGS website for a reduced price of $199.

“AGS’ Health & Wellness Genetic Test has proven very popular but we kept hearing from people asking for a less expensive option, where they could still learn key details to help guide them in their wellness and fitness goals,” said Lance Bennett, co-founder at AGS. “By adding a Lite version of the Health & Wellness Genetic test, we hope to assist even more people to gain personalized, actionable information to make food, supplement and exercise choices based on their unique DNA to help them achieve their goals.”

The original, Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test will continue to sell for $499.

The Lite test examines 26 individual SNPs (24 unique genes) compared to the Premium test that examines a total of 60 individual SNPs (51 unique genes).

The results report from the Lite test includes many of the most popular and sought-after recommendations, including a personalized recommended grocery list and specific workout recommendations.  Included in the “Lite” personalized report is: 

·  Your ideal daily percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fats

·  Your sample shopping list and food items to avoid

·  Your optimal exercise and activity combination (power vs. endurance)

·  Your genetic impairment of 6 vitamins and supplements (Vitamins A, D, K, B6, B12 and Folate)

·  And, includes a Genetic Highlights Summary page for an easy-to-understand overview of your personal genetics with many tips on how to improve your health!

The information in the reports serve as blueprint for solving overall health and weight-related issues, whether that desire be to lose, gain or maintain weight.

AGS focuses on educating its clients first in order to make genetics more informative and actionable. AGS explains a SNP is simply a common deviation from the normal genetic code that is found in at least 1% of the population. These SNPs act as “biological markers” to help scientists locate genes associated with human health and disease. It’s these variations which affect your optimal nutrients, and your body’s response to exercise, etc. AGS’ ability to substantiate and validate new gene and SNP interpretations is why AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests are more detailed and actionable for its clients.

This is a home DNA test. All it takes is a simple swab to collect DNA off your cheek, which you then mail off to an AGS lab. A few weeks later, you receive an individualized report to understand how your genetics affect your diet, exercise, and nutrition.

Those taking the Lite test will receive a link with a video helping them to understand the report and put its findings in to everyday use.  Premium test purchasers will continue to receive a complimentary one-on-one consultation with an AGS Genetic Health Specialist to explain the report results. The Health Awareness and Effort Score – A score calculated by evaluating the most clinically validated genetic obesity biomarkers to help assess your individual effort level towards reaching your health goals, is only available with the Premium test.

“This simple test using your genetic information will serve you forever, enabling you to make informed healthcare choices specific to your body,” Bennett continued.  “The personalized health report will help tell people what type of exercise best suits their genetic profile and will let them know the best supplements for their genetic makeup.”

Those wanting to learn more or purchase an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test can click here.