Senior leaders in an organization make decisions and drive profitability in four main areas of business: Strategy, Execution, People and Cash. Why are these four decision areas of business so important? Revenue growth comes from strategy and turning that revenue into profit comes from execution. Cash is the fuel for growth, and people are how it all gets done.

Inevitably when leaders work on creating a refined strategy and begin to execute to that strategy we find it is hard to focus strictly on operational excellence because we encounter difficulties due to workplace drama or employee drama. If we want results, we have to understand our people.

In order to truly scale and grow a company, we need to breakdown the activities necessary to understand ourselves and how we can help or hinder our team’s success. You can’t get company results if the team is broken. You can’t build a functioning team if the staff are disengaged, poor performers, or causing social drama.

A leader’s success in using a team to drive results for an organization is directly tied to their ability to work with staff to harness the people power in a company. Leaders need to address and minimize the inefficiency created from workplace drama.

Assured Strategy guides leaders through the employee change process necessary to implement a culture of accountability so a company’s differentiated strategy can be fully executed. Learn how to drive profitability through the Scaling Up growth model and the unique way Assured Strategy coaches a leader to overcome common implementation challenges in the areas of Strategy, Execution, People and Cash. Learn how to create a truly differentiated strategy that drives flawless execution by attracting and keeping the right people so you can increase your cash flow and maximize profits.

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