The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) has launched a newly updated website to provide a better user experience for Arizona’s taxpayers. With a visually appealing look and added curated menus, the site is designed to allow taxpayers to locate the information or forms they need more quickly and easily.

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The website can be found at the same url of and we welcome taxpayers to visit and explore the site. 

Taxpayers can use a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet to view the site and download forms, learn how to check the status of a refund, search for unclaimed property, and other helpful taxpayer tips and education. The site now features a top navigation menu located at the very top of the homepage, to help taxpayers more quickly obtain what they are looking for. These links will be updated as search trends change throughout the tax year.

Quick links are highlighted in the middle of the page, which are those pages that taxpayers search for the most. If you are a regular user of ADOR’s website, you will also find navigation menus that allow you to view most topics and documents using the same search path as before.

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