Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (AZ Blue) announces it is expanding its strategy beyond health insurance and toward health solutions. AZ Blue has launched a new company, Prosano Health Solutions, Inc., to become an integral part of improving healthcare for Arizonans. Both AZ Blue and Prosano Health Solutions, Inc. share the same mission: To Inspire Health and Make It Easy. 

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In partnership with stakeholders from Arizona’s communities, clinically-driven expertise, and digitally-supported solutions, we have designed and are continuing to create a healthcare experience that customers are asking for—more affordable, personal, and convenient. Prosano Health Solutions, Inc. will improve access to care, reduce waste and complexity, and advance the total healthcare experience for patients and providers. 

“We’ve been working alongside our community, customers, and healthcare providers on strategies to transform the healthcare experience in Arizona and improve access and affordability,” said Pam Kehaly, President and CEO at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. “Prosano Health Solutions, Inc. will enable us to have a stronger role in Arizona’s healthcare system than we do today solely as a health insurance company.”   

Prosano Health Solutions, Inc. has launched its first Advanced Primary Care Center under the new company with three more Maricopa County locations opening in 2024.  Prosano launched in January of this year for AZ Blue employees, with 1,800 employees and their dependents enrolling. Early data and patient feedback indicate positive impacts on both cost and quality of care, with higher than industry average patient satisfaction scores and a reduction of over 20% in Emergency Room visits. 

The Advanced Primary Care Centers offer a comprehensive care model, that includes one-stop access to a primary care team, behavioral health practitioners, lab services, same-day appointments, virtual options, and a selection of the most needed prescription medications. 

For health insurance plans effective January 2024, employer groups can enroll in AZ Blue’s BlueSignature Prosano plan, giving their employees exclusive access to Prosano Heath’s Advanced Primary Care Centers, as well as a national PPO. 

“Prosano Health’s Advanced Primary Care offering is just our first step in becoming a health solutions company,” said Beth Ginzinger, Chief Transformation Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and President of Prosano Health Solutions, Inc. “Next, we will begin to address specific geographic areas in Arizona that require solutions to improve access to care.” 

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