Conventional kinds of sports are still capable of managing without broadcast. The audience can come to the stadium or any other venue where the game is held. Yet, the classical disciplines developed broadcasting of such events. Lots of channels fight for the right for TV airing and the audience of such broadcasts is constantly growing.

In esports you won’t cope without broadcast, so someone must cast the events. That is why broadcasts started to develop actively along with the industry. Now, there are huge tenders held for broadcasting tournaments. These tenders are compared to the ones in popular kinds of sports. Let’s take a look at the backstage of esports broadcasting.

What do you need for a full-scale broadcast?

A studio  tends to be associated with enormous panel boards with lots of buttons and switchers. The same as musicians use when they record their songs. In some studios there is the same equipment depending on its scale and budget. To broadcast, it is sufficient to have a few powerful computers, stable Internet connection and a little crew.

Another key point is several screens. One is necessary for creating graphics during the broadcast, changing logos or drawing additional elements. The main screen is for the director. They choose which picture is going to be broadcast. Here the main will be two windows. One shows what is being broadcast and the other one shows an upcoming frame.

How does the broadcast happen?

Broadcasts are planned beforehand. First, a script is prepared and then cameras are chosen. Major LANs put additional pressure on a team and and computers. Each source must be rendered, and the sources are computers of players and observers. The latter enter the lobby together with esportsmen and show the game from the side. Their work involves showing all key moments. Commentators give voice to everything observers show. In such situations the director of the broadcast often works with someone, they share the work and the sources.

Popular platforms for broadcasting

If conventional kinds of sports are broadcast on TV, on paid channels, in esports the situation is absolutely different. Here broadcasting happens on the internet and you don’t need to pay for it. Even minor games are held on special platforms.

Normally tournaments are shown on platforms like Twitch. Sometimes the market welcomes other services, but there are no quality alternatives to these hostings yet.


Esports broadcasts are made in the same way as on TV. Many technical nuances will be understood by only specialists. The article has covered the main backstage. You can learn more about upcoming tournaments and news in our special section on There we post relevant information about esports.