Recycling metals includes the process of extracting recyclable materials and reprocessing them into new usable products, decreasing the need for mining more virgin materials. This can be an effective way to conserve the natural resources while also contributing to a cleaner environment. Recycling aluminum is especially beneficial as it has such a high recycling rate of 97 percent. Here are the benefits of recycling metals that you might not have realized.

Recycling metal saves you money.

When it comes to scrap metals, you can save yourself some serious cash and actually put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket. For example, scrap metal merchants in Essex claimed that recycled metal has a 25 percent lower carbon footprint than that of a new car, and is known to reduce the need for new production (in the same way recycling paper does for paper mills) by around 15 percent. That means that you are saving one tonne of greenhouse gases, as well as 3.5 tons of raw materials per tonne of recycled steel. In reality, using recycled metals has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces waste from being dumped into landfills or being shipped overseas and can also help protect water sources. By using recycled aluminum cans and other products, you reduce the amount of waste that is thrown away or buried in landfills.

Recycling metal helps you save on space.

While it is still too early to say whether or not the concept of a “flat-packed home” is going to catch on, a lot of people do not seem content with how many aspects they have to keep track of in their space. For example, instead of waiting for the recycling collection truck to come by on your daily route, you can quickly grab all the stuff you want to recycle and simply put it in a box that you can easily store in your house. The space savings alone will help you walk out of the door with some more room – perfect for getting everything ready before heading off. If you have a large quantity of scrap metal, you can place all kinds of scrap metal into a scrap metal bin or small size skips. You can search for “skip hire” and you will get the best skip hire companies in your area.

Recycling metals provides jobs for your neighbors

There are several jobs available in the recycling industry, and most of these jobs are created in local communities. Workers at a scrap yard do not pick up your metal items, they also salvage any recyclable metals left on the items before they are recycled or thrown away.

Energy Efficiency

Recycling metals is a great way of keeping them out of the waste stream, which in turn helps prevent landfills from becoming overfilled. A lot of metals – including copper, aluminum and steel – are used to generate energy that can be used in homes and businesses. This process is known as renewable energy. By recycling metals and putting them to good use instead of throwing them away or sending them off to a landfill, you can keep these valuable materials out of harm’s way while also keeping the earth green by generating clean electricity for your everyday use.

Lower Costs

All those elements that end up in the recycling pile are often in the form of scrap metal – in other words, they are made up of small scraps that used to be part of larger items. This is typically due to the fact that people typically do not have a use for large pieces of scrap metal, so they simply discard them. This means it is usually easier to find scrap metal than whole items that can be recycled. The best part? Because the items are already broken down, scrap metal merchants in Essex do not have to do as much work in order to process them and get what they need from them. This means you are paying less for your end product when you choose a recycler that deals with scrap metal.

Recycling metals like aluminum, steel and copper are beneficial to the environment and give you creative freedom for unique designs for all of your projects. Recycled metals can be transformed by scrap metal merchants in Essex into anything from an art piece to automobile parts or home decorating accessories. Explore your options on where to recycle metals, choose an option that fits your budget and enjoy the benefits of recycling!