Project Sanctuary received a $100,000 grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation to give hope to military and veteran families facing unique challenges.  Offered in seven states and serving families across the U.S., Project Sanctuary provides free, week-long therapeutic retreats to families dealing with mental health issues, critical financial instability, marital discord or a volatile home life.  In addition to the evidence-based programs offered in the retreat setting, Project Sanctuary continues to support families with ongoing counseling, job placement assistance and emergency financial support, as needed.

“Very few Americans have any idea how much military families sacrifice, often suffering in silence,” said businessman Bob Parsons. “Beyond the challenges of deployment and relocation, these neglected families endure hardships that other families simply don’t experience, including inadequate pay and housing, zero or inadequate childcare, unimaginable isolation, loneliness and hopelessness.  They deserve better.  Whether it’s help with financial concerns, spousal employment or even family counseling, Project Sanctuary is a first step in reestablishing hope for our military families by providing practical assistance and rebuilding critical bonds necessary for families to both reconnect and thrive.”

Project Sanctuary offers a three-step program that assesses a family’s needs, allows the family members to reconnect during week-long retreats and provides ongoing support. To date, the organization has assisted more than 1,200 military families nationwide and there are an additional 2,400 on its wait list. The grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation will provide operational support, extending the organization’s reach to even more families.

“We pride ourselves on adapting to what military families need most to heal and thrive, but to do that, we need the help of forward-thinking organizations like The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation,” said Project Sanctuary CEO Heather Ehle. “Their generous support, coming at this critical time of growth, will enable us to expand the level of care we’re able to offer military families without losing the high quality of service our families have come to expect and deserve from us.”

In 2019, Project Sanctuary will pilot shorter, follow-up retreats for graduate families to more easily connect them to services for mental healthcare, financial assistance and more. Also new in 2019, referrals to these services and emergency financial relief will be made available to families on Project Sanctuary’s wait list.

“Project Sanctuary is one of the few organizations focused on strengthening the family unit and addressing the stresses of military life on teens and children,” said businesswoman Renee Parsons. “The mental anguish, financial challenges and other hardships impacting military families require our greater understanding and support.”

Project Sanctuary supports families during the stressful times of deployment, transition and reintegration through an evidence-based approach that combines coursework, counseling and recreational activities. In 2019, Project Sanctuary will host 30 therapeutic retreats in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina and Texas, and will provide additional pre-retreat support and crisis intervention to hundreds of families on the wait list. To learn more, visit