When Ken Goodrich held a flashlight for his father on an air conditioning repair job when he was 10-years-old, it was more than a father-son bonding moment. It was a prelude to what the future would hold for the current owner of Goettl Air Conditioning.

While Goodrich held the light steady for this father, something else happened – he saw the name of the HVAC unit shining in the dimly lit attic. It said ‘Goettl.’ Year’s later, when starting his own HVAC firm, Goettl Air Conditioning was the only vendor willing to give him credit as his business gained momentum. Fate would continue its work in 2013 as Goettl Air Conditioning, one of the most iconic HVAC brands in the U.S., was losing more than $3 million a year, with its doors threatening to close, and Goodrich quickly jumped at the opportunity and bought the company.

“The first air conditioner I ever shined a light on was a ‘Goettl,’” said Goodrich. “Back in those days a Goettl unit was know as the ‘iron horse.’ My dad, an independent air conditioning repairman who never worked for Goettl told me, ‘Son, these units are built to last forever. When the time comes for you to buy an air conditioner, buy Goettl.’”

Today, Goodrich continues to guide and oversee the brand which has grown more than 400 percent since he took over, and opened in two additional markets, with plans to open in two more in 2019 – recently recognized as the 2018 Mechanical Trade Contractor of the Year by the Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona (MTCAZ). 

The MTCAZ is a nonprofit trade association for HVAC contactors in the state. Representing companies that install, service and repair HVAC and provide plumbing services, the MTCAZ’s membership also includes vendors, wholesalers, vocational and technical schools and utilities that work in the mechanical industry.

Each year, MTCAZ selects an HVAC “Contractor of the Year” for their “commitment to the HVAC industry and support of community service programs for the betterment of Arizona,” according to MTCAZ chief executive Antoine Coffer.

“This is a terrific honor for the hard-working men and women at Goettl Air Conditioning,” added Goodrich. “To be honored and recognized by our peers affirms our commitment of doing things the right way, not the easy way and continues the journey that started when I was 10-years-old.”

How did Goodrich turnaround the iconic brand which was failing when he bought it in 2013? “I began to talk about the 80-year history and heritage of the company and the improvements they made to air conditioners that won them 114 patents,” Goodrich said. “And pretty soon, people began to see that Goettl was a proud, innovative company that always did the right thing and sold a product that was built to last forever.”

Named to Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2018, Goettl Air Conditioning has operations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California. Year-to-date, Goettl Air Conditioning is experiencing more than 100 percent growth and plans continued national expansion in 2019.