As we move deeper into 2019, there are some Arizona companies to watch that could be game-changers this year.

“In 2019, businesses will be looking to combine the best banking technologies with even more personalized service,” says Robyn Young, chief marketing officer for Western Alliance Bank. “They will not only be looking at financial institutions with the best products and services to grow their business, but also for relationships with financial experts who understand and are in tune with their industries.”

Want to follow innovation? Here are five companies to watch in 2019.

Phillip Larson

Axolotl Biologix

“Regenerative medicine is on the cusp of going mainstream,” says Phillip Larson, president of Axolotl Biologix. “We see the trend happening through the increase in providers using our products and the increased demand those providers are telling us they’re getting from their patients. These products will help restore and repair tissues such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin and a variety of other tissues.”


Founded in 2011, Chandler-based CampusLogic is a market leader in student financial services software with nearly 500 higher education customers that serve more than 3 million students. CampusLogic, which reported a three-year revenue growth of 2,375 percent, plans to utilize $55 million in funding led by JMI Equity to make investments across the company in product, customer success, sales and marketing to increase the scope and power of its platform, according to CEO Gregg Scoresby.


Scottsdale-based DEPCOM Power, which offers turnkey development support services and engineering solutions for utility-scale solar, was the highest-ranked Arizona company on this year’s Inc. 5000, boasting an astonishing three-year revenue growth of 38,963 percent. “We’re in this to drive the cost down to be as competitive, or more competitive, than gas,” says Jim Lamon, DEPCOM’s CEO.

Steve Purves

Maricopa Integrated Health System

“MIHS has been actively engaged in system-wide redesign activities since 2014,” says Steve Purves, president and CEO of MIHS, which will change its name to Valleywise Health this year. “This involves not only fundamentally redesigning our healthcare facilities, but also redesigning our entire care process. We call this system overhaul, to be completed by 2023, ‘Care Reimagined.’ Our goals are to improve access to health care, enhance the patients’ experience, create better learning and working environments and leveraging the amazing technologies available today to improve clinical care and community health.”


“Traditional pharmacy is over,” says Will Misloski, chief marketing officer for next-gen pharmacy SpotRx. “In 2019, innovative companies will do to the pharmacy model what Netflix did to Blockbuster. With start-ups on the rise, these pharmacies will give consumers 100-percent control over their experiences, providing mobile-enablement, 24/7 access, prescription kiosks, and near-real-time delivery for their prescription and drugstore needs.”