Whether you are starting a new business or looking to add some capital to your existing business, you may be looking for the right finance solution. Luckily, there are many options for you to consider! Take a look at some choices you can consider when trying to decide on how to get funding for your business.

Business Loans

The first type of finance solution you may want to consider is a business loan. This is a type of loan is given to businesses only so you will need to have an open and operating business identification number and be registered with all the necessary government agencies. Business loans are given based on a business’s credit and financial history. If a business is new, you may need to show your business plan in order to get a loan and, in the case of a brand new business, you may need to personally co-sign for your business. There are all different kinds of business loans, from those specific for minorities to others that are designed to give large sums of money. You can surely find an ideal business loan to help you finance your business needs.

Personal Loans

You may want to consider using a personal loan to help get capital for your business. Personal loans will be approved based on your own financial history. This is a great solution for a new business that may not have any credit established yet. You can use your own stellar financial history to help move your business forward. You also do not need to show any information about your business in order to get the loan and the application process can be much simpler.

In addition, to be an easier loan to get, personal loans are typically much faster, and you can get your money when you need it the most. Business loans can take weeks (or sometimes months!) to be approved as the lender needs to assess all your business documents. A personal loan can be approved on the same day you apply, even getting you cash within the same day! So, when your business needs that instant money, definitely consider a personal loan.

Friends and Family

You can always consider asking your friends and family to help fund your business and many people would likely be happy to help! Make a clear agreement with anyone whom you accept money from, outlining if the cash is a loan or a gift and exactly what the repayment expectations are. Be sure to stick to your agreement in order to keep your personal relationships intact.


If you have a unique business idea or have a strong following in your community, you may benefit from financing your business through crowdfunding. Find a crowdfunding website and write a bit about your business and why you need money. Some funding pages will just enable people to donate you cash, no collateral expected. Others may ask you to offer something to those who donate, typically a product or service from your business. This can be an excellent way to get some extra cash but is not always guaranteed.

There are lots of finance solutions that you can use for your business. Take a look at why you need the money, when you need it, and how quickly you will be able to pay it back. Then pick which option fits your situation the best and move forward! A successful business is always pushing ahead!