Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Changing Lives Center for Women & Children (CLC) has received a $17,495 grant from the Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation, the charitable arm of Delta Dental of Arizona, to fund its Gateway to Comprehensive Dental Care for the Homeless Project. 

The grant will sustain and help improve the CLC’s onsite Dental Care Clinic for an entire year, enriching the oral health of formerly homeless children and pregnant women residing at the CLC, a faith-based recovery program offering long-term, comprehensive services to women and children who have suffered from addiction, trauma or both. 

“This program is so important for the women and children staying at the Changing Lives Center,” said Phoenix Rescue Mission Community Relationship Officer Pamela Morrison. “Oral health is just one aspect of an overall healthy well-being that can help these women and children live happy, successful lives once they leave these gates.” 

The funding will provide direct dental services, promote collaboration among healthcare providers, increase clients’ access to oral health services and translate proven dental approaches into a widespread practice by having families access a “dental home” after exiting the CLC to maintain good oral health. 

All children and pregnant women residing at the CLC are eligible to receive the Dental Care Clinic’s comprehensive dental services, including dental assessments, prophylaxis, quarterly fluoride treatments, x-rays, dental health education, fluoride varnish application and silver diamine treatment. The services are provided by Phoenix Rescue Mission staff and Dental Home Concepts, LLC, the Mission’s key partner agency. When a child needs non-preventive services, they are referred to the Mission’s affiliated practice partners, Brighter Way’s Parsons Center for Pediatric Dentistry.  

The Changing Lives Center helps to rebuild lives by serving a targeted group of homeless women and children; many of whom have suffered domestic abuse, substance abuse and addiction. The Gateway to Comprehensive Dental Care for the Homeless Project will help CLC residents improve their oral health during their stay, while also providing educational resources to continue the improvement of their overall health after leaving the facility.