Accidents are alarmingly commonplace on roads around the world, and even with improvements to automotive safety technologies, the risks of injury and death remain high if you are involved in a collision.

One of the best ways to lessen the chances of being involved in a road accident is to be aware of the mistakes that cause them, so here is a look at the main issues to avoid in this context.

Driver distraction

If a driver is not paying attention to the road ahead, then an accident is all but inevitable. This problem is amplified by the fact that there are simply so many things to distract modern drivers.

From infotainment systems and smartphones to billboards and even passengers, people who drive for pleasure or as a profession can have their attention monopolized in all sorts of ways.

Responsible drivers should do their best to keep the distractions that are in their control to a minimum. Leaving your smartphone in your pocket, using voice controls where possible, and asking passengers not to be disruptive is advised.

Of course if you do get into an accident because of someone else’s distracted driving, you could make a personal injury claim and get compensation. This applies whether you need a bus accident lawyer after an incident on public transport in Houston, or a representative to fight your case if you are hit by a distracted driver anywhere in the country.

Mechanical issues

Even if a driver is alert and aware of their surroundings, accidents can still happen on the road if the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle they are in charge of fail them.

From worn brakes and tires to faulty lights and substandard steering columns, all sorts of issues can arise which prevent vehicles performing optimally in emergency conditions.

This is why proper maintenance is important. This is not just about staying safe, but also about ensuring that you do not get lumbered with the liability for an accident because of preventable mechanical failures in your vehicle.

Adverse conditions

The weather and the state of the road are major contributors to many auto accidents. If visibility is limited by fog, or the surface of the asphalt is made slick by rain, snow or ice, then you might not be able to see obstacles and hazards, or stop in time if you do detect them.

Likewise drivers could find that their safety is compromised by badly maintained road surfaces, or by things like missing signs, material spillages and many other calamities.

Again, these are things which you cannot control directly, but what you can do is adjust your driving style to mitigate the risks in the moment. Driving more slowly and using your vehicle’s lights when the weather is bad is a good example of this.

Third party errors

The real risk that comes from heading out onto the roads in a car, bus or any other mode of transport is that while you can take as much care as possible to conduct yourself in a safe and legal way, you are sharing this space with other people who might not be so conscientious.

Whether other drivers are negligent, distracted, unwilling to maintain their vehicles appropriately or not taking the road conditions into account when choosing their speed of travel, a cavalcade of catastrophes can come about as a result of third party error.

Because of this, it is best to follow safety guidelines, get robust insurance and be prepared to take legal action if accidents do happen and you are not at fault.