The Athletic Advancement Association of America a pending 501(c)3 non-profit foundation founded in Arizona is excited to announce the creation the Hohokam Junior College Athletic Conference (HJCAC) located throughout the greater Maricopa County in Arizona.

In a nod to Arizona’s cultural diversity the term “Hohokam” is a Tohono Native American word that means ‘those who came before’ and was chosen to pay respect to the vast population that inhabits the State of Arizona.

The Hohokam people were the premier ancient civilization in the Southwestern United States of America and were responsible for many of the desert settlement and survival techniques still utilized today.

It is further believed that the Hohokam people descended into the three current O’odham tribal communities of Arizona; the Akimel O’odham (SRPMIC), the Hia C-ed O’odham (Gila River), and the Tohono O’odham (TOC) whose land together account for the majority of Native American tribal settlements found throughout Arizona today.

The HJCAC is planning the immediate creation of four private and corporately funded football programs to begin competition in the fall of 2019.

Students will be required to enroll in local community colleges that have agreed to partner with the Athletic Advancement Association of America for all academic related support and coursework required to complete an Associate of Arts Degree.

The Athletic Advancement Association of America is currently gathering resumes for interested candidates to head each of the four teams’ operations. Each of these positions are salaried and start at $40,000+. Those interested in applying can apply online at or email their resumes and cover letters to for immediate consideration.

Students interested in applying for internship positions within the conference including scholarship opportunities in areas of videography, statistics, journalism, and photography can apply online at or send their information to

Students interested in continuing their pursuit of education combined with the opportunity to participate in the sport of football, cheer, and dance can inquiry directly online at or email your contact information to