Fennemore, the fastest-growing BigLaw firm in the country in 2021 according to Law.com, today added approximately 50 attorneys and allied legal professionals to its roster with new Fennemore offices in San Bernardino and San Diego. Fennemore’s expansion deepens the firm’s significant experience in the areas of real estate and land use, business, and natural resources.

Over the last two years, Fennemore has completed two other major onboardings that include a merger with the California Central Valley firm Dowling Aaron and the addition of Reilly LLP out of Denver.  The newest additions in San Diego and San Bernardino positions Fennemore to serve clients throughout the state of California with 5 offices stretching from Northern to Southern California.

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“We are thrilled to welcome these accomplished attorneys and allied legal professionals to Fennemore. They share our enthusiasm for helping clients thrive and building an innovative law firm,” remarked Fennemore’s CEO, James Goodnow. “We believe the growth in the Inland Empire of Southern California, its close proximity to the massive Los Angeles market, and alignment with our core practice strengths make it an ideal launchpad for our continued strategic growth in the future and new business opportunities.”

Fennemore’s 96% job satisfaction rating among all employees is tied directly to people-first and client-centric culture where “that’s how we’ve always done it” is never the right answer. From employing leading-edge AI modeling tools to arming employees with the tools needed to work from anywhere, Fennemore attorneys and allied legal professionals are more innovative, productive, and efficient for clients.  

“My colleagues and I are excited about joining Fennemore, which has such a strong record of growth, innovation, and superb client service,” said Mark Ostoich, a director in the San Bernardino office who’s a well-known leader in the Inland Empire legal community, and throughout California. He continued, “Our combined strengths in the real estate and land use, natural resources, and business law areas are tremendous. We look forward to continued growth in a market that has such a bright future.”

“We’re adhering to strong business discipline and playing to our strengths,” added Goodnow. “We’re focused on new ways of serving clients whose needs are always changing. Adapting and growing have been part of our firm’s legacy for the past 137 years.”

The lawyers joining Fennemore in its new Southern California offices include:

Marlene Allen Murray

Mack Anderson

Chris Carrillo

Paul Cliff

Donovan Collier

Rachel Greenberg

Jerome Grossman

Paula Hernandez

Kate Hong

Tracy Inscore

Brent McManigal

Matthew Nelson

Keli Osaki

Mark Ostoich

Gabriel Pitassi

Kevin Randolph

Ernest Riffenburgh

Bob Ritter

Philip Savage IV

Ken Stream

Kien Tiet

Tait Viskovich

David Werner

Matt Wilcox

In 2021, the Inland Empire led Southern California in both population and job growth, and tied the Phoenix, AZ market for 2020’s biggest gains in household income. Fennemore’s strategic growth plans include the addition of lawyers who fit with the firm’s entrepreneurial culture, and practice in areas that are in high demand in the region.