Due to rapid market traction and user growth, VidFall founders Joel Robinson and Steve Messa are moving the company to Arizona in January 2016.

The startup’s current home is in Manchester, NH, where it has been in incubation. The team has worked closely with Wasabi Ventures Managing Partner TK Kuegler and the venture capital firm’s East Coast team for the last year and a half.

VidFall is an online/mobile events platform optimized for marketing conversions and driving action for brands. By pairing brands with relevant and popular influencers from YouTube and Twitch, VidFall is able to drive high volumes of traffic and Twitch viewers to events, get attendees to convert, and ultimately provide more return on investment (ROI) for brands.

Robinson and Messa are both graduates of the Wasabi Ventures Academy, which is a free startup education program for those interested in the startup and venture capital world.

The founders followed a storybook process, through which they came to Wasabi Ventures as young guys fresh out of college with a passion for building a startup, and completed the firm’s academy.

Then, Robinson became an entrepreneur-in-residence at the early-stage venture capital firm, while Messa held a number of positions in several of Wasabi Ventures’ portfolio companies. Robinson brought on Messa as cofounder at VidFall’s launch and together they’ve grown VidFall into what it is today.

VidFall is now at a point where for the last six months they are enjoying rapid market traction and gaining users and customers quickly, so the decision to move to Phoenix is based on their readiness to move into a much larger market to continue proving their business model.

“VidFall’s move to Arizona allows them to attract more talent and scale their operations more quickly. They can also become an active member of the startup community that is emerging as one of the great ecosystems in the West,” said TK Kuegler, managing partner of Wasabi Ventures.

The startup will continue to build its customer base and begin the process of building out its team with some key hires.

VidFall is also looking forward to participating in Phoenix’s vibrant tech scene.

“We’re beyond excited to take VidFall to Phoenix. We’re solely focused on building a successful company and Phoenix is an ideal tech ecosystem for us to reach our aggressive goals and flourish,” Messa said.

Messa and Robinson received an amazing welcome during a recent visit from the #yesPHX startup community and are excited about their move to such a supportive ecosystem.

“Phoenix has welcomed our organization with open arms. We’re excited to channel the energy and excitement of this booming startup ecosystem and begin contributing to its success immediately,” Robinson said.

VidFall eagerly anticipates the opportunity to participate in and connect with other Arizona startups at upcoming events in the area, such as Phoenix Startup Week, House of Genius, Startup Grind and Venture Madness.

For Wasabi Ventures companies, Arizona represents an incredible place to have a strong and growing base of operations. There are excellent universities in the state producing a large number of energetic and talented graduates. The state and local governments have enacted many visionary policies to help startups grow and thrive.

Wasabi Ventures believes Arizona is a great place to build startups, and Wasabi Ventures plans to continue building startups in the state and relocating others to Arizona from around the country and around the world.