Grand Canyon University (GCU) will open a physical location for its Grand Canyon Theological Seminary, providing those students an opportunity to live on campus and incentives to receive more than half-off tuition as well as half-off housing. The campus-based Seminary will initially offer the Master of Divinity program, while also serving as an area where local pastors can connect with students and faculty, network, attend events and complete sermon preparation.

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GCTS was started in 2016 and has operated largely online with in-person residencies. Seminary students will now have the option to take their classes in-person, during the day or early evening to fit their schedule. The new space, located at 27th Avenue and Camelback Road, will feature large classrooms, meeting spaces and a 4,000-square-foot, extensive theological library. 

“Arizona is going to experience massive population growth in the next 10 years,” said GCU President Brian Mueller. “While the University is building out programs across its nine colleges to help supply the workforce that will be needed, we also want to provide the next generation of pastors who will be in leadership positions to serve that growing population. This state-of-the-art facility for Grand Canyon Theological Seminary will give students an opportunity to experience in-person instruction from our world-class faculty amidst a campus environment that has become renowned for its servant leadership in the Phoenix community.”

Students who enroll in the in-person Master of Divinity program for the Fall of 2023 will receive over half-off tuition for the duration of their program, bringing the cost down to $300 per credit hour. In addition to reduced tuition, GCU is offering half-off on-campus housing for students who qualify. 

The 17,000-square-foot GCU seminary space will not only serve as a classroom environment for students but also a space for local pastors to come together, work on sermons and utilize the library.

“We are deeply grateful for the blessing of space and resources that will enrich the lives and ministries of current and future pastors,” said Dr. Jason Hiles, Dean of GCU’s College of Theology and GCTS. “We believe that the seminary will become something like a relational incubator where pastors, students and faculty can connect, dialogue and encourage one another. Given the incredible collection of print and online library resources, we will open our doors to the church community in a way that we believe will also bless congregations in the West Valley and across the Greater Phoenix area. Churches in the community may also find several opportunities to develop relationships with some incredible young men and women who are looking for a church where they can gain experience and refine their God-given abilities.” 

The Master of Divinity program at GCU is a three-year, 82-credit rigorous program of ministry training and biblical and theological study to lay the framework for a future career in ministry. Those interested can visit for more information.