GlobalMed, an international provider of telehealth solutions, today announced that its industry leading virtual health platform has earned the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Authority to Operate (ATO) on DoD networks. GlobalMed is the first provider of HIPAA-compliant clinical video collaboration to obtain an ATO. This much coveted certification enables GlobalMed to put their virtual health applications, hardware and software directly on the DoD network, making their solutions available to the DOD’s integrated healthcare system known as the Military Health System. In addition to providing medical care in combat situations and at bases overseas (as well as on ships), the system has 57 hospitals and 400 clinics.

Like the VA, the military’s health facilities cannot accommodate the demand for care by all active duty service people, their dependents, and retirees (many of whom are not eligible for VA services). Telehealth is proving to be a cost-effective solution. According to an April 2017 KPMG survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics, 31 percent of healthcare organizations currently use video-based telemedicine services and another 44 percent of healthcare organizations are considering implementing video-based telemedicine services in the near future.

GlobalMed’s ATO certification was granted on November 18, 2017. The DoD selected GlobalMed for its HIPAA-compliant virtual telehealth platform that seamlessly and securely connects healthcare professionals and patients, regardless of location. This will allow active duty members of the military and their dependents, wherever they may be working around the globe, to access the same quality care as they would at home.

“It has always been a personal priority to increase care access for members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard,” said Joel Barthelemy, CEO of GlobalMed and a Marine Corps Reserve Veteran. “The Department of Defense is a huge healthcare provider and network security is a high priority. GlobalMed is focused on every aspect of security and compliance throughout our vertically integrated software applications. Our commitment to delivering unmatched performance, security and scalability extends beyond our government clients to those in the commercial enterprise space, giving physician groups and non-government hospitals an added measure of reassurance.” According to the KPMG survey, 12 percent of survey respondents are concerned with regulatory compliance and risk/liability. 

After gaining sponsorship from the White House Medical Unit, GlobalMed was awarded the DoD ATO following a stringent process known as a Risk Management Framework. GlobalMed is also the telehealth provider for the White House. 

“As the White House Medical Unit Telemedicine Program Manager, I am excited to see that GlobalMed’s ATO was approved,” said James J. Jones, PhD, PA-CLTC, SP, USA, Director, Medical Evaluation & Treatment Unit and PA/Physician to the President. “This is a key milestone in the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and military medicine’s goal of developing a robust virtual healthcare solution throughout the entire military enterprise. As this type of hardware and software is deployed throughout the DoD, I believe we will see improved access to healthcare specialists, improved patient outcomes, improved patient and provider education in outlying clinics, and improved patient access to their primary care manager (PCM). It will drastically improve our ability to help pre-hospital combat medics, corpsmen, and providers in austere environments.”