In the world of mental healthcare, a revolutionary approach is quickly gaining traction: concierge psychiatry. This innovative model for providing treatment offers a deviation from the typical norm seen in a traditional outpatient psychiatry clinic. In other areas of medicine, such as primary care, concierge medical practices started appearing in the 1990s. However, it wasn’t until much later that psychiatrists began to adopt this model of care delivery too.

What is Concierge Psychiatry?

Concierge Psychiatry is a type of outpatient psychiatry practice that is characterized by personalized and accessible psychiatry services, provided by a board-certified psychiatrist. Concierge Psychiatrists run outpatient psychiatry practices that provide individualized and comprehensive mental health services to patients. Oftentimes, services include a combination of medication management and psychotherapy. Concierge Psychiatrists typically maintain a smaller caseload of patients to ensure that a high level of service is provided to all of their patients.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Concierge Psychiatry:

Dr. Brook Choulet is a concierge psychiatrist located in Scottsdale.
  1. There are different models in which Concierge Psychiatrists deliver their services. The two most common are 1. Subscription-Based and 2. Fee For Service. In subscription-based concierge psychiatry practices, patients are billed a flat monthly fee, which includes a certain amount of follow ups and inter-appointment communications. In the fee for service model, patients are billed at the psychiatrist’s hourly rate for whatever services are utilized. There are benefits to both models; however, in a fee for service approach, patients have more autonomy in how they use the services and can increase or decrease the frequency of services depending on their life circumstance at the time.
  2. Patients benefit from having direct access to their physician. Concierge Psychiatrists provide their patients with several ways in which they can be contacted outside of their scheduled appointments. This often includes text, phone, email, and/or a secure messaging portal. Seeking mental health care from a Concierge Psychiatrist eliminates most of the barriers encountered in a traditional outpatient psychiatry setting.
  3. Benefits can include same-day refill requests and expedited appointment scheduling. Have you ever tried calling your doctor’s office and sitting on hold for a while or you simply cannot get a response? In a Concierge Psychiatry practice, you can expect to be able to obtain medication refills the same day that they’re requested. It’s also much easier to get a sooner follow up appointment, if needed. The most frustrating thing is when you need to see your doctor but the soonest appointment is in 4-8 weeks. As a patient in a Concierge Psychiatry practice,
  4. Appointments are available in-office, virtually, and in-home. Traditionally, physicians offer appointments in their offices or via a secure online platform. However, in the world of Concierge Psychiatry, your psychiatrist can come to you, whether it be at home, in a sporting facility, or at the office.
  5. Patients do not have to contend with long wait times or feeling as if they are rushed through appointments. Most commonly, the shortest duration of a follow up appointment with a Concierge Psychiatrist is 30 minutes and appointments can be over an hour. In this type of practice, rushing through an appointment due to time restrictions is not a concern. Because these physicians have less patients and subsequently appointments each day, wait times are minimal once you check in for your visit.

Get ready for an unparalleled experience when working with a Concierge Psychiatrist, as you’ll receive incredibly comprehensive treatment planning and top-notch service. Through a blend of accessibility, flexibility, and improved patient-physician relationships, concierge psychiatry is truly transforming the landscape of mental healthcare and its delivery.

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