Life365, a digital health platform as a service provider, today announced a partnership with Catalytic Health Partners, a population health management company that provides enhanced care to high cost Medicare and Medicaid populations in order to improve outcomes while reducing total cost of care.

Life365 has partnered with Catalytic Health Partners to provide remote patient monitoring and data delivery for their members with chronic conditions located throughout Arizona. The Life365 solution allows the Catalytic Health care staff to monitor patient vitals, and gain insight into behavior and engagement between face-to-face visits. These data insights will help the Catalytic Health team pinpoint which members may need intervention or additional support proactively. As part of Catalytic Health Partner’s program, members receive a personal health tablet with cellular connectivity. The tablet acts as both the wireless connectivity to the Life365 back-end system and an easy to use interface where patients can view their biometric health readings and self-monitor, which can lead to better management of their chronic disease and reduced utilization of healthcare services.

“Our care staff addresses the health and social needs of our population, and by combining technology with our data analytics system we are able to provide a care model to our members that was missing in the marketplace,” said Susan Cordts, Catalytic Health Partners CEO and Founder. “In the first week of rollout we detected members that had out of range readings and were able to act on these insights in a timely manner. The data allows us to keep a closer eye on our individual patient’s health trends and therapy compliance.”

Catalytic Health Partners initially rolled out Life365’s remote monitoring services to their members located in Tucson, Arizona. They plan to expand monitoring services to additional members throughout Arizona in Q2 2017.

“Life365’s platform is designed to enable care providers, like Catalytic Health Partners, provide cost effective remote monitoring services to their patients. We know remote patient monitoring efficacy has been proven, but cost and scalability have remained a challenge,” said Kent Dicks, CEO and Founder of Life365. “We designed Life365’s new platform to be solution and device agnostic which allows us to choose and align the right technology solutions to meet a customer’s goals, budget and get their patients on-boarded quickly.”

Life365 has created a software platform they term “Digital Health as a Service” that integrates healthcare systems with third party digital health solutions, for a variety of disease states. Life365 works with clients to align digital health technologies to meet the specific needs of patient populations to better engage them and help keep them adherent to therapy. There is also seamless data integration to care provider’s clinical systems, an end user patient and family caregiver portal and an enterprise analytics portal. The Life365 solution is currently available for the US market only.