Co-defendants Bobby Hodge and Cherylin Hodge, owners of HobNob’s in downtown Phoenix, have been ordered to pay restitution and fines totaling nearly $92,000 for failing to pay transaction privilege tax (TPT). HobNob’s, a popular restaurant in the historic district of downtown Phoenix, closed in 2019 following 11 years in business.

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After HobNob’s closed, Bobby and Cherylin Hodge opened another restaurant in 2020, The Edgemont, located on Central Avenue just south of Thomas Road. However, they had a rough start with the COVID-19 pandemic soaring in 2020 and lasting through much of 2021. The Hodges never really gained traction at The Edgemont and sold their business before 2022 came to a close, fewer than three years later.

Following the sale of The Edgemont, the Hodges made a payment of $135,000 to the Arizona Department of Revenue in order to pay down their nearly $225,000 liability prior to entering into a plea agreement for the remaining liability, plus a fine.

As part of their plea agreements, Bobby and Cherylin Hodge each agreed to pay restitution in the amount of $89,326.79 and a fine totaling $2,500 for failing to pay TPT.

The Arizona Department of Revenue’s Criminal Investigation Unit investigated the case with assistance from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.