One of the essential questions entrepreneurs ask when they start selling on Amazon is often how Amazon FBA Fees work. Considering that every seller is primarily concerned with making a profit, it is crucial to fully understand the expenses involved in the selling process before starting out.

Amazon FBA fees refer to charges for services related to the Amazon FBA scheme. With Amazon FBA, sellers can take their mind off matters related to product selling while concentrating on the more pressing business matters. This way, specialists of Amazon handle all the packaging, delivery, and customer services when a customer places an order for an item from your brand. All you have to do is send your products to the company’s warehouse, where they’ll safely be kept before shipment.

This program is essentially beneficial to entrepreneurs who lack enough storage space for products and time to provide customer support. The following sellers will find this program worthwhile.

Land-based stores

Sellers who offer unique products have an excellent chance to grow their business and promote it online. With Amazon FBA, sellers do not need to abandon their other business activities or bother about processing deliveries. All they need to do is to pay Amazon FBA fees, use IO Scout FBA calculator to understand the profit of the product and how much money you will pay to Amazon.

Online stores

Sellers who own online stores also have the chance to attract a new audience and improve the awareness of their products on a global scale. This can also be a fantastic strategy to promote the sales of their goods.


Sometimes, keeping track of everything happening in the E-commerce market can get really difficult, especially with the rapid changes in this area. This platform will provide all the information you need about the changes in the sphere.

The program will also benefit your customers

Thanks to the Prime shipping feature, they’ll get to receive their products within two days of placing the order. They’ll also know what to expect from customer support.

Though this program is attractive, entrepreneurs must first analyze their budget situations to know if the program is right for them so to avoid taking the wrong step. You’ll have to pay for packing, shipping, storage, and customer support expenses. Apart from these main fees, consider also monthly payments, labeling charges, and returns processing. Calculating FBA fees isn’t difficult because you can do this with an online tool to see how much you have to pay per item.

Overall, you’ll need to check all the Amazon FBA fees to prepare your budget. If you choose to cover the Amazon FBA fees, there are a few other considerations. Check out the price for each to see if your budget and expected income can make profitable deals.

Amazon Referral Fees

Amazon Referral fees refer to the commission you have to pay to Amazon for each product sold. This fee is typically 15% or less. You don’t have to pay upfront; referral fees are taken from your Amazon account after sales have been made.

Amazon Fulfillment Fees

This includes the cost of services like packing, shipment, storing, and customer support. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business without getting involved in the logistics of sales will find this arrangement convenient. Consider picking lightweight items if you want to save your budget since it’s cheaper and easier to deliver them.

Monthly Amazon FBA Fee

As a user of the online store, you’ll have to make this payment regularly. A professional selling plan will suit you if you are expecting to get over 40 orders within 30 days. You’ll have to cover a subscription fee of $39.99 monthly. However, if you do not have such big plans, you can take the individual plan, which does not require a monthly subscription. Instead, you’ll pay $0.99 per sold item and other features.

Amazon FBA Storage Fees

An entrepreneur who does not want to make his clients wait too long for their ordered product can cover storage costs on the Amazon FBA, especially when the entrepreneur offers popular products that are rapidly sold. The fees depend on the duration of storage and item size. The feature is convenient because the entrepreneur can count how many items he may need in the future and decide on how many he’ll order from a supplier next time.

Bottom line

Paying Amazon FBA fees offers entrepreneurs certain advantages over their competitors in the market. However, it’s best to check with IO Scout Amazon FBA fees calculator online to see the costs you’ll have to cover per item in the store. It will help you decide if the fulfillment by Amazon fees is what you need now.