It is one of the very first things you are taught to do at school, but writing as an art form seems to be suffering. People are more content to focus on video games and films as technology has taken over, but writing still serves an essential purpose.

It lets you think clearly

As an initial idea, writing gives people the opportunity to express themselves more coherently. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, writing down how you feel can be an effective stress reliever as it means that you can focus more and essentially put down what you really want to say. Even if you don’t want to share how you feel, writing it down can be immensely therapeutic, even if you choose to throw it away afterward. Just being able to vent is often all you need so that you can calm yourself down and carry on as if nothing happened. Sometimes seeing it all written down can help you to understand your emotions and help you feel better. As a result, you can then refocus and keep yourself as relaxed as possible, meaning you are then able to focus on the task at hand.

Writing helps with focus

Writing can also help when it comes to developing your cognitive function and as it can help you to remain in control of your emotions in times of stress, while it can also help you to communicate with more clarity and forethought. Rather surprisingly, it can also help your verbal communication skills as you can plan out what you really want to say and essentially use it as a draft for anything that you want to say. This is especially helpful if you suffer from any type of speech impediment as it gives you the opportunity to think before you speak. This is especially important when it comes to debate as being able to channel your thoughts and control your emotions is essential as you are less likely to get your point across anywhere near as effectively

Good writing boosts trust

Oddly enough, writing and spelling can be vital when it comes to checking to see if certain websites and messages are legitimate or if scammers are targeting you. Take the time to browse now if you want to see more on how to avoid being caught out by bogus sites. This can be essential, especially when ensuring you don’t miss out through any miscommunication.

Makes you feel good

It might not seem like much at the time, but imagine writing an essay or a story. While it might just seem like an easy task, you can get a terrific sense of achievement from a good piece of writing. With the time and passion that goes into it, you have essentially given a piece of yourself to your writing, and in some ways, it can be a reflection of your personality. There is not much better than a well-written story, and if you manage to write something that you are proud of, it is something to be celebrated.