The Internet has rapidly grown into a phenomenon over the course of a decade. While it has been in existence a century prior, we really got to see its bloom in the previous decade. From being exclusive to big companies once, it is now available for a common household in almost every corner of the globe. It has introduced us to many new concepts and one of them is social media. Billions of people worldwide use social networks to not only connect but also promote their products.

This is an element of digital marketing. While there are many platforms for the purpose, Instagram is the one most preferred by brands and businesses. It can and has helped many brands in improving their strategies and overall performance.

Here are 5 ways you can use Instagram to increase brand awareness and boost your growth:

Set Up A Business Profile

Instagram provides many features to its users to make different functions easier. They did the same for businesses and brands by releasing Instagram for Business. Instead of having a regular Instagram account, you can create a Business account.

While it does not magically increase your brand value, it is loaded with many features that make it easier. Setting up a Business profile is free and easy. While setting up the profile, you are asked to put your business details i.e name, working hours, and location. The first advantage you get is in the form of insights & analytics.

You can find and study your metrics and performance without taking the help of any external tool. You can also add contact details through a Business profile that makes it easy for the customers to contact you.

Decide The Perfect Post Frequency

Posting content is obviously the most important part of marketing on any platform. It is easier on Instagram as it is exclusively based on visual content. Photos and videos are more likely to grab the attention of a person scrolling around than text. Posting creative and fresh content is the ladder to social media success. But another influential factor apart from the type of content is the frequency it is being posted.

You obviously need to post often to keep your audience on board. Posting too much is equally problematic as is posting too less. Stuffing up your followers’ timeline is not a good idea.

Along with this, there are certain times where your posts perform the best. The time can be found with Instagram Business for free and you can post your content during that block

Engage With Your Audience

Arguably, the customers are the most important part of a business. The sole existence of a brand means it is rendered meaningless without its consumers. It is important to not only draw new customers but to retain the existing ones as well.

Engaging with your Instagram followers is a good way of ensuring audience retention and gaining feedback. It can help both your brand and community grow through their opinions and word of mouth. Instagram provides a lot of options for audience engagement.

You can do so through normal posts, live sessions, story quizzes, polls, or even Direct Messages. You can also host contests and giveaways with specific tasks and prizes.

Use and Create Hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of Instagram and any who has used this platform knows what they are. However, not everyone knows how to use them the right way. Hashtags are keywords that relate to the content of the post. For example, food and photography are two tags you can use for a post containing pictures of food.

Whenever someone clicks on any of the two tags, all the posts containing them show up together. By including tags, you make your post visible to the audience that is interested in that topic. This is what makes tags an excellent brand awareness booster. Even better, you can create exclusive hashtags of your own and encourage your audience to use them.

Buy Instagram Followers

If you want quick results, you can always rely on trusted websites that sell social media promotions. Despite how that might sound, this is a completely legal and pretty common practice among social media users. They are no different than paid promotions and many brands and individuals have taken advantage of them.

When you buy Instagram likes or followers, they boost your account’s visibility and reach. It pushes your brand awareness to more and more people. It is all done through real accounts of real people and not bots which is why your account is never violating any guidelines.

You can buy active Instagram followers and likes from websites like Viralyft, GetViral ,, Follower Packages, Famups, Krootez etc.


Brand awareness is a key factor in any business. It can not grow without having its customer base expand. That base is expanded through creating brand awareness which is nothing but reaching more and more people. Advertising has been the best medium of doing so and it has evolved in the form of digital marketing.

Many brands and individuals have opted for this new & innovative approach over the traditional advertising and so can you. Instagram is one of the most marketing-friendly platforms and it can certainly boost your brand awareness in the market. All you have to do is keep these 5 tips in mind and carry on.