Good things come in pairs. The Maricopa County Downtown Court Tower (MCDCT) team, comprised of Gilbane Building Company in association with Ryan Companies US, Inc., can attest to that.

After winning the 2011 Best of NAIOP Economic Project of the Year Award, the MCDCT team also received a RED Award honorable mention in AZRE for Best Public Project. The tower was recognized for outstanding industrial or office economic projects that impact the county and the construction community in a beneficial way.

“The Economic Project of the Year Award is proof of the wisdom of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Department of Public Works,” said Todd McMillen, Gilbane’s project executive.

The 700,000 SF tower opened on Arizona’s 100th birthday, Feb.14, with its long-awaited debut and a dedication by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Designed by Gould Evans Associates, the tower sits in the heart of Phoenix and houses more than 200 courtrooms. Not only is the tower Maricopa County’s first LEED Silver certified project, it has benefitted the economy through creating more than two million hours for employment opportunities.

Due to infrastructure improvements, and a land exchange between the city and the county, hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual deferred maintenance were omitted. The project created more than 1,600 jobs; 1,200 in the construction trades, 300 in professional, and 100 service jobs in such things as printing, delivering, and other areas.

Over the life of the project, the estimated local payroll benefit will be $110M in taxable income. In addition to local businesses benefiting, the vast majority of the tower was completed using Arizona businesses and Arizona workers, even more proof of the economic impact.

Local materials were purchased whenever possible: Schuff Steel provided the steel and fabrication; Coreslab provided the precast facade.

“This project was a major economic engine for construction in the greater Phoenix area for over three years,” said Steve Jordan, Ryan Companies director of construction. “Not only did it provide for a consistent source of income for many workers and their families, but because the project was paid for in cash, it also saved the citizens of Maricopa County nearly $200 million in financing charges that will never need to be collected in higher taxes.”