January 9, 2023

AZ Business Magazine

Karrington buys Scottsdale-based Matrix Clinical Laboratory

Scottsdale-based Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) and Karrington Clinical Laboratory, LLC (Karrington) today announced the sale of the Matrix Clinical Laboratory to Karrington, an organization with medical leadership and highly complex laboratory testing experience spanning more than two decades. The transition of ownership of the laboratory is a part of the overall strategy Matrix announced in 2022 to refocus its portfolio of services on in-home health and care assessments.

The transaction will provide Karrington an established CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory dedicated to delivering clinical diagnostics tests. The expanded laboratory will allow Karrington to focus on the continued growth of the lab, develop new and improved molecular diagnostic testing and laboratory processes, and expand its testing menu using its minimally invasive phlebotomy technology.

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“At the onset of the pandemic Matrix swiftly pivoted and established new service lines, including a clinical laboratory, to deliver safe and expedient diagnostic testing services to our clients. We are incredibly proud of the work the laboratory team accomplished,” said Catherine J. Tabaka, Matrix Chief Executive Officer. “The healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, shifting client expectations and creating new competitive opportunities. Going forward, on behalf of its clients, Matrix will dedicate resources to strengthen its capabilities to deliver on our ambition to improve the health and life of those who need it most by bringing health and care directly to them in-home .”

Dr. Henry Bell will continue to lead Karrington in the role of Medical Director with a focus on bringing the medical community unique testing capabilities. Mark Parks will serve as the Chief Visionary Officer, bringing vast experience in the logistics industry and a goal of streamlining Karrington’s operations while meeting client needs and timelines.

“We are very excited to build on our more than twenty years of experience with expanded clinical diagnostic tests in the newly acquired CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory,” said Mark Parks, Karrington Chief Visionary Officer. “The newly expanded leadership team will keep our core operating principle: early detection – better health at the center of all we do. We will continue to provide the high-quality service we always have while growing our business with additional testing services.”