Marketing is an intrinsic and pivotal aspect of building any brand and selling products and services. With the right campaign, the opportunities are almost endless, but it can be difficult to know where to start. With some strategies being time consuming and requiring some significant outlay, more businesses are beginning to think about the best ways to optimize their marketing budget. Multi-channel marketing can be a worthwhile choice, but only with the right tools.

What is multi-channel marketing?

 First of all, multi-channel marketing allows businesses to leverage the capabilities of multiple digital environments to not only reach more diverse audiences, but better target their efforts, increase the speed of sales, and boost retargeting performance. With the ability to connect via email, SMS, social media platforms, and more; marketing content can be customized for success. The key aspects of this type of strategy are connecting with potential customers on a more targeted level via independent channels and leveraging the top KPIs and metrics to further promote impact and drive success.

When sharing promotional materials across a host of avenues, it will be far easier to curate a marketing strategy that will be sensitive to the customer journey, mix and match messages, and establish familiarity through a comprehensive brand presence.

How can this approach help with budgeting? 

When it comes to budgeting, only the best tools will be able to target an array of processes to keep costs low. With solutions like, businesses will be able to:

  • Instantly integrate details from multiple channels, accounts, and platforms, saving time and resources
  • Unify campaigns and entirely negate unnecessary manual labour, while streamlining processes that can fall victim to human error
  • Better visualize marketing expenditure – and do so in minutes
  • Simplify reporting to stakeholders
  • Utilize deep data analytics that are generated from campaigns, campaign groups, subgroups, and creations
  • Compare campaign performance with a focus on costs and ROI
  • Benchmark ongoing campaigns against historic data
  • Optimize performance by determining the channels and ads that do and don’t perform
  • Introduce A/B test tracking
  • Define the content that works and how it can be repurposed to maximize results with little effort 

Each of these features will have its own money saving potential, and it won’t take long for finance departments to be able to analyze campaigns, crunch numbers, and better build a budgeting strategy that will perform exactly as expected. 

Why use a multi-channel marketing tool in 2024?

As many businesses struggle with multi-channel management, proper attribution, combining marketing analytics, and keeping up with innovations, it can be imperative to have a highly functioning tool that is simple to use and won’t require any technical expertise. Thankfully, Channel Pulse has all of the features and capabilities that can transform traditional approaches to multi-channel marketing and is bringing efforts into the 21st century.